Sperm Analysis?
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soimpatient - May 4

My DH has to have a sperm/semen analysis done before my doc will put me on clomid.

My question is: If my DH makes his "deposit" and drops it off at the lab and then the lab couriers it over to another lab to be analyzed won't that affect the results. How much time can pass before sperm are negatively affected. Do the results account for this?


Chas - May 4

no the results do not account for the time. It should be analyzed within an hour or it needs to be done over. My dh has to do two, because his first one was not ran in time and they didn't want the results to be bogus! So, yes make sure they get it done in time !


soimpatient - May 4

Thanks Chas! How do I make sure that they do it in time. I called the lab and they said that the courier comes to pick up the samples at 10:45am. I'm going to tell my DH to go to the bathroom there...take care of his buisness and hand over sample at 10:40. Once the sample gets on the truck I don't think that we have any way of ensuring that the sample is looked at right away. Do you have any tips or suggestions to help his sperm get first priority? :)


Chas - May 8

Well, your doctor's office should let you know if it was not done in time. Mine did. They called that same day and said it was not there in time, so they wanted to repeat the test. I don't think they would give you faulty test results. They shouldn't anyway. Good luck


soimpatient - May 9

Thanks again Chas!



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