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sophie - March 29

After me any my boyfriend make love they always seems to be loads of sperm which comes out i've been trying for a baby for six months its relly getting me down now.


Nikki - March 29

Is this a serious question? Some sperm will always run out, if you're worried about it, try putting your legs up for about 20 minutes after sex.


crystal - March 30

i know what you mean dear. i put my legs up but in the process it feels like they all come out. i have been ttc for 10 months now. i think we're going to do the IUI. where they go in and take his sperm, wash them then stick them in a catheder and put the long tube up inside your uterus or tubes, then push them up inside you and have you lay there. i think that'll get it done. good luck. try not to let it get you depressed. even though it can be tough. i feel ya girl.


sophie - April 2

yes its a serious question i've got nobody to talk to and wanted to know if its normal as.i am longing for a baby.


Jaqi - April 2

It is normal for it to "leak" out. It's not the prettiest feeling....lol The strongest ones will make it to where they need to go. It has nothing to do with you not getting pregnant. You can elevate your hips to help them but you should check into your family history, etc... I just found out I have endometriosis and had no clue I had it! I've been trying for 9yrs. I am facing IUI and IVF now.


dona - June 20

they is always sum that will come out sum times its not even straight away sum sperm can make it in just three minutes good luck and chin up i've been trying for nine months now



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