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matene - June 10

where does sperm comes from


a - June 10

Sperm takes like 24-48 hours to fully regenerate. My husband had got checked once and they told him he had a very high regeneration rate (like 12 hours to fully regenerate his stock) and they also told him to "becareful" because he had a very high sperm count. I find that funny because when he was 5 his testicles turned in sac and he had to have surgery to correct this and they had to sew part of his testicles to his sac so they wouldn't turn again --very painful experience he said.

anyway, They say its best to have sex every other day to give enough time to regenerate. I know having sex 3 times a day wont do much good.


Marston - June 16

Female overlation how long does it last


Marston - June 16

what is overlation in female


Andrae Fagan - June 16

what is g- spot in woman


Brenda - June 16

According to my monitor I am at peak ovulation today. Hubbie and I had sex last nite and are planning on later today also. Should we try more than once today or should we only do it 1x today and then again tomorrow? I figure 3 days in a row we should be able to catch that egg at some point, right? Thx!!


Drew - June 16

Hi Brenda. Every other day is best to have sex when ttc. It gives sperm time to replenesh as a said. Sperm can live in your body for up to 72 hours, so even if you do it every other day, there will still be some in there on the days you dont bd. Hope this helps!


Paulette Martin - July 7

every morning when i go to the bathroom to have a wash i put my finger up my vergina to wash it but when i check my finger the discharge that came out it look like custard and very white because i am trying to get pregnant plesase tell me what to do. what is the problem


TaiVion - July 11

Yes it is sperm. Because it's so many sperm follicles and if your not ovulating it really has no where to go so that is normal.


isra - July 12

i have the same problem . if i move little bit after sex sperm starts leaking all the time. is that normal?i think more than half amount of sperm come out.


Shanna - July 12

Is it normal to have a lot of cm the day after doing the bd, even if you did get get up and had sperm leak out? I also had some clear cm with a streek of blood in it 2 days after bd, is this ok? Should I worry? Thank you for any advice.


cheri - July 12

hi everybody i read a book that said the sperm that comes out is not good sperm anyway and the good sperm will stick to your mucous and get where it needs to go, this dosen't mean that your man has alot of bad sperm because it is also mixed with your mucous and his and is normal and there is still plenty of sperm to get to the egg they say that you can put a pillow under your bottom to make your hip slightly elevated just to help them along. i hope this helps and don't worry you are doing everything right it is actually alot harder to get pregnant then it seems you only have a 25% chance every month that is with ideal condition.


Q - July 30

that is the sperm mixing with oxygen makes it turn clear and runny,and the sperm that comes out is dead anyway


Lena - July 30

9!) Paulette, its not a good idea to stick your finger up every day to wash it. Your actually introducing more pathegens and causing it to be "dirtier" by doing so. The vagina is great at keeping itself clean through uterine contractions, menstrual flow, and cm. Whitish, cream colored mucous is normal, should it be curdled, like cottage cheese, then you should seek the guidance of a physicinan. (2) TaiVion, whether your ovulate or not sperm is absorbed by the woman's body. (3) The fluid that your body emits after BD is seminal fluid. Seminial fluid provides nourishment for the semen and acts as a buffer to prevent spermatozoa breakage. After ejaculate sperm is quickly absorbed (10-15 minutes) by cili in the vagina and uterus that pull it up the fallopian tubes. Any semen that would be contained in the seminal fluid are dead and wouldn't help you conceive. (4) Oxygen doesn't alter the appearance of spermatazoa or seminal fluide.


cassandra - September 7

well tina, hi. everytime me and my partner has intercourse the same thing happen to me. i figure that the sprem has died before it reaches the egg. so do not think it is you b/c i did go to the doctor to see if i could get pregnant and the results were good but i have had no luck in conceiveing yet. hopefully my day would come soon. also yours


Anti-Baby - April 11

I stumbled upon this forum while arguing with my husband over how long it takes to 'charge up a full load', as it were.

I must say, the only information I've gleaned from this article is that stupid people are breeding, and stupidity is a dominant genetic trait.

You people are retards, and I'm literally weeping for the future. Thanks for reading.



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