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Tina - May 10

I have been TTC and everytime i make love to my partner the following morning i feel as if his sperm has come out, is this norma or could it be some thing else. I never get out of bed till the following morning.
So what is going on is this the reason why i cant concieve cus i dont have enough sperm.

What is leaking out when i wake up in the morning.


Char - May 10

That would be his semen... It's normal...Not all of it will be absorbed into you... "what goes up must come down"


marie - May 10

yes it could be the sperm coming out of u in the moning it goes in so it needs to come out ! u do not need to have a lot of sperm to concive it only takes one sperm to concive.


Tina - May 10

Thanks Char and marie, i am glad that you have responded, cause i needed some advise as i would have felt embrassed if i asked my doctor.
what is the best time to concieve i knw its on the 14 day, so if i came on my period today (10/05/05) would the best tine to ahve sex would be on the 14th day (24/05/05)
Am i correct ????????????


ria - May 12

i feel the same way. in the morning it leaks out of me too or something does anyways i do beleive it is sperm. does it help to stay in all night? i dont know the answer to your ? but i think it doesnt take a whole lot of sperm to get preggo.


shah - May 14

hi guys, i have a same problem...whenever we have sex...most of sperm leaks out that time...i dont know what to do....i need someone's advise..please tell me...wat should i do?


marie - May 14

hello yes tina the 24/05/05 is correct!but if u type in overlation calanda in google it sud tell u your fertile days hope this helps


marie - May 14

hi, i no this might sound silly but after i have intercourse i lye on my back with hips raised on a pillow for 20 mins.


Tara-T - May 14

Don't worry about the sperm leaking out...just lay dowon for about 20 minutes and the swimmers who are going ot get there are already on their little ways. Most of the sperm that actually get into the uterus were shot through the cervix at time of ejaculation (remember, the average male has 20-80 MILLION sperm!). After 20 minutes of staying put (and you DON'T have to lay with your legs in the air, but if you feel like it just put a pillow under your butt), you're good to go. Cheers


To marie - May 14

i was told by a fertility srec that it is bad to lay with your hips up because it makes it more of a challenge for the sperm they are supoose to swim up so if you put your hips up then they will be going the wrong wasy


Tina - May 14

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the advice, i guess u dnt need all the sperm as only so much can go in.


marie - May 14

There is no wrong way for the sperm to swim. to me it does no harm for u to but your hips up on a pillow


Cutie - May 15

I have similar problem-sperm comes out the next day, I dont get up the whole night after bd and it still comes out, but remember that it doesnt take all of the sperm/or a lot of it to get us preggo. As far as elevation, I have read that it is good to put a pillow under your hips, but not too high... There is nothing wrong in doing that because some doctors even prescribe special cussions for people TTC. I know, that a friend of mine could only concieve that way. Anyway, GOD BLESS and LOTS OF BABY DUST TO ALL.


laimanroom - May 16

to answer Tina's question. On you on a 28 day cycle.Or on a 30 day cycle. You have to get to know you body to tell when you ovulate. Mark everything on you calendar. What mucus, take your temperture and pay attention to your body. Your body speaks loudy if we only listen to it. Baby dust to all.


zaza - May 20

usually need how may days/hours for sperm to produce again after ejaculation?we trying to concive and we did it almost like 3 day in a row in my fertile days.Does the sperm still has good quality?


Sam - May 21

My doctor told me that it's not sperm comng out, it is a water like saline.
Sperm is mixed with that.
The sperm gets to where it needs to be don't worry, it's not all running out and being wasted.
It's normal to feel that saline like solution dripping out.


matene - June 10

where does sperm comes from



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