soy isoflavins
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sunnydee - February 28

Has anyone used soy and was succussful at ttc? If so how long were you ttc before using it and how long after using it before you got a bfp? Also what is your age. i ask because I am in my late 30's ttc number 4. Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thnaks.


sunnydee - February 28



tina - March 1

I heard you are supposed to avoid soy when trying to conceive or become pregnant as something in the soy causes genital problems with male babies. I'll see if I can find the article -it was in conceive magazine a few months back. I will no longer eat or drink soy at all after reading the article.


tina - March 1

"Until scientists know more, pregnant women and those having difficulty conceiving may want to reduce their exposure to estrogen rich foods, like soy, and not take any isoflavone supplements."
just google soy and conceiving and there are a bunch of articles.


isa - March 1

"Women who are trying to conceive may want to heed the following: Avoid eating too much soy. According to a study involving humans, a compound found in soy known as genistein has been found to impair sperm as they swim toward the egg. Even tiny doses of the compound in the female tract could destroy sperm.

What's more, researchers explain avoiding soy around a woman's more fertile days of the month might actually aid conception.

Genistein can be found in all soy-containing products, including:

* Soy milk
* Many vegetarian foods
* Some pre-packed meals and pizzas" from the site: (put a www infront of mercola) there is more written too in the article



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