Sorry guys another ??? please
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GIGI - September 7

i'm having my HSG done this friday.. UGH dreading it.. but how about if my tubes are clogged will they take care of that right than and there?? and how bad does it hurt?? do you have to get totally undressed!!! And can DH come in with you?


Sara - September 7

Hi GIGI, sometimes the dye will help unclog your tubes but hopefully you don't need to worry about that. Sometimes if they are clogged surgery might be an option. I had 1 done about a year ago and it wasn't bad at all. It took maybe 10mins. I took a couple of ibuprofen before hand to help with the cramping. You do have to get undressed but your wear a hospital gown and only the necessary parts will be exposed. Depending on the site they may let you bring DH but b/c a HSG involves radiation its prob better not to have him there. Believe me when its over you will tell yourself that wasn't bad at all. Good luck to you.


gigi - September 7

thanks a lot.. but why do you say it's better that he doenst' come in... only 10 minutes.. wow.. they said not to eat or drink for 2 hours before hand..


KellyN - September 7

Hi Gigi. I had my first HSG last month. Luckily my tubes were not clogged. If they were, they would have tried putting a little more pressure injecting the dye to try and break the clog free, but I can't imagine that hurting any more than the hsg without the tubes clogged. For me the worst part is when they expand the cervix -youch! But if you take some advil before hand (like my doc told me to do) it sould be okay. My dh was not in town when I did my hsg, but I would have liked to have him in there. He did go with me to one of my u/s and was quite fascinated with it all. He also was in the room holding my hand during my IUI this month. I do understand that the people performing the tests are trained to work around radiation, so maybe it has something to do with the potential for him to be exposed any radiation.


Susan - September 7

Hi Gigi, I had my HSG last month. It didn't really hurt much once they got the catheter in. I took three ibuprofen beforehand. I only had to get undressed from the waist down. I brought my husband in with me because I'm a ninny :) Good Luck, I'm sure you'll do fine.


Sara - September 7

Hi GIGI, I only said maybe you shouldn't bring your hubby in b/c of the exposure to radiation. I'm a radiation tech and I'm very concerned about people that don't need to be in the room but there is lead aprons people can waer if they stay in the x-ray room. That's all I meant.



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