Sore on top chest area...What does that mean?
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Trying 2 relax - December 2

My AF is not due until the 14th of the month, but I have soreness around the breast area. The area that is the most sore is at the very top chest area (as if I had been lifting weights the night before). I have a little tenderness underneath my breast too, but not nearly as much as on the top part. What on earth does that mean? My breasts usually get sore approx one week before my AF, but this is happening very early this month..and with each day, it gets worse. It is to the point that I can't ignore the pain. I have also had some slight cramping...but that only lasted for a few days. Pregnant women would be sore on their nipples too, right? My nipples are not sore at all. Sigh...I hate this. Every month I try to convince myself to just relax and stop searching for pregnancy signs, but every month it is the same thing. This time, I have no choice but to ponder because i really am experiencing tenderness. I don't want to share this with anyone I'm close to because I don't want to get their hopes up high....especially my husbands. Please respond if you know anything about this. Thanks!


Trying 2 relax - December 2

Let me add that the soreness has been going on for about one week now. I am baffled. If I'm not pregnant, why in the world is my chest area feeling like this?!!!! A part of me is afraid that it may be a sign that something else wrong.


Trying 2 relax - December 2

Sore breast began 11/28, to be exact. They were only a little sore then, now they are really getting sore, but only in certain areas. I know that I am posting like a freak, but I really am spazing out now. I'm trying to keep calm. Pregnancy symptoms do not usually start this soon, right? (my fertile days ended 11/30) So if I'm not pregnant, then what could it be? Okay...I'm going to go and calm myself down.


Trying 2 relax - December 2

No it was the 29th when the soreness started.

I'm leaving for real.


Gretchen - December 2

I know that when I was pregnant with my second child my breasts were tender all over. They felt like they did when they first started growing in during puberty.


Trying 2 relax - December 2

Gretchen: Well my breast are gradually growing tender in other areas. It is more so the circumference of my breasts that are sore. I hope that more people respond....this has me a little worried.

Thank you!



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