SOOO Frustrated!!!
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Anonymous - July 13

My best friend just found out she is pregnant. While I want to be happy for her, I feel like a b*&tch inside as I am filled w/ jealousy. She already has 2, how many more does she need?! We have been ttc for months now, getting ready to start clomid next month. Just wanting to vent and scream and cry all at the same time.


Jamie - July 13

I know your pain. We have been ttc for almost a year - just started clomid. During this frustrating year I have found out that my sister in law is preg. along with 3 ladies I work with and one of my close friends. Isn't it amazing how much it hurts! (eventhough you want to be happy for them?) Sometimes I feel that no one really understands what I go through then I get on this website and it helps to ease the pain.


Anonymous - July 13

Thanks Jamie, your response actually did make me feel better. I felt so bad that my reaction when she was told me was fake, I actually called her back a few hours later and tried to be more happy. Of course I am excited for anyone who is pregnant, but its really hard when you want something so bad yourself. I cried, I was mad, and now I have to think positive for her. I have my first round of Clomid already but my dh and I are going on vacation on Sunday so I decided to wait until next month to begin. How are you doing on the clomid ?


May - July 13

I know how you are feeling. I and my bestfriend have been ttc for 7 years she got pregnant a few months ago and guess what--she didnt even say a word to me till I noticed the changes physically on her. Now even to talk to me she just stalkes and say hello. Imagine how I am feeling right now? All thesame am happy for her as I get excited whaen other either are pregnant or give birth, I know for sure that my timm will be sooner than later. Baby Dust to one and all.


Shells - July 13

I know exactly how you feel.My sister in law just announced last night that she was pregnant again,I cried for a while I'm so frustrated too and I am also suppose to start clomid next month.I just feel like it is never going to happen.My husband is just positive that we will have a baby.But I just think how come we haven't is there something wrong with me,and why don't we deserve to have been pregnant right now.I don't even want to go to her baby shower right now.Her husband get even hold a job and they live with her husbands parents.When is it going to be our turn.So I know how you feel and it's good to know I'm not the only one feeling like this.Thank you.


Jess - July 13

I totally know how everyone feels. When I got pregnant in January my sister in law got pregnant too and we were a week apart in our due dates. Needless to say I m/c in March and she is still happily pregnant. Sure I am happy for her but it kills me inside because we haven't been able to concieve again. Its only been a couple months but now she is getting big and starting to get baby stuff. I think I should be there as well. Plus she wasn't the healthiest person on the earth either, she smoked, never worked out and had an abortion when she was younger. My I never smoke or drink and I work out everyday. Where is the fairness in all of that!


Mimi - July 13

I understand you completely. My first years of infertility it seemed everyone was getting pregnant. I cried so much. This time around is no different. It seems I get a call or an email from friends saying they are pregnant. I do feel happy for them...just sad that I am not. Our time will come, Ladies. Hang in there! :)


Shells - July 13

It's also frustrating having no one to talk to because nobody understands what I'm going through,everyone I know has gotten pregnant even when they weren't trying and some didn't even want to,so it's hard for them to understand.I'm glad I found this forum.It helps to hear other women going through the same thing and can relate to them.It helps.


Jamie - July 13

Sometimes I feel that it will never happen like Shells said. It makes it so hard when everyone around you says don't worry it will happen - relax! Unless they have been through this frustration - they don't understand. My sister in law who is preg is due in September and I probably haven't been the greatest sister in law - we don't talk a whole lot - but sometimes it is too painful.... That is all she wants to talk about.


kj - July 13

Same thing here. I had been ttc since August of 04, had a miscarriage in Jan 05. Since then my best frend is pg, due two months before I would have been. Two of my friends both just had babies (there were due about three months before me). My cousin is having is pregnant, my cousin -in - law in pregnant, and my hairstylist! Sometimes I just want to scream when I see all these pregnant people!


Anonymous - July 13

Thanks everyone for really making me feel better. After having a day to digest the news, I am trying to be more "real" happy for her instead of forced happy. It is hard, and Jamie, like you said, if I hear one more person tell me to RELAX I am going to go insane! Easier said then done when they have multiple children running around! No one really knows what the frustration is really like until you get there. Like you Shells, my husband is also positive and I wish I could be more like that, but I think the months and the tests have drained me. It shouldne be this hard!! Thanks again to everyone for making me feel like I am not abnormal with my thoughts. I had to use no name on this posts, because I actually turned my best friend onto this web site not long ago when she and her dh were ttc. UGH.


Shells - July 14

I know how anonymous feels because last night I was starting to think How much longer can I go on being disappointed month after month?It really takes a lot out of me when I get my period or I hear that someone I know is pregnant.My heart just breaks,and just get so depressed and physically exhausted.It's very difficult to not worry or to relax.I wish someone could tell me how to not to worry or how to relax.


Mimi - July 14

I remember when I would find out that someone was pregnant, I use to cry so much, by ex husband would say to me that I was crying as if someone died. I remember telling me that was how it felt...I felt my egg died that should have been a baby. Yet, I remember a friend tell me these words: "Right now u are crying but when your time comes, it will YOUR time and you will forget all about everyone else who is pregnant. It will be your time to rejoice and be happy." I hang on to those words. And that was so true. When I finally did get pregnant, it was MY time. Right now, it is my second marriage and I am going thru a similar situation. My husband just tells me to leave it in God's hands. He is so calm about it though he was disappointed last month when the test came out pregnant and my period was just late due to the Ovulex. He is leaving to Iraq next month. If nothing happens, I will be sooo depressed just to think I have to wait a whole year just to try again. I am 40. I try not to think about it and am being optimistic and hopeful that something will happen. I have my good days and bad days though. It's not easy and I understand how u all feel. Hang on to the hope and each do our part. It would be so nice to see everyone post under the I'M PREGNANT threat. Millions of baby dust to all!!!!!! :)


Shells - July 14

Mimi best of luck to you and your husband to get pregnant before he has to go to Iraq.Thank you for helping all of us try to keep positive.


Jen - July 14

Hi, I'm new here, but I feel like you all can relate so well to what I've been going through. My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years and have had all the tests only to find out that the doctors can't find a reason for our infertility. Unexplained infertility sucks! Anyhow, it has been an emotional rollercoaster the last two years with going through six months of clomid, six iuis, and injectibles. Right now we're taking some time off from the infertility clinic before diving into ivf. I've been doing okay with that until last night. My brother called to tell me that my sister-in-law was pregnant. I feel like the worst sister in the world. I was really happy for them, but as soon as I got off the phone-I lost it. I am sooo tired of watching everyone else get what I want. I'm also sooo tired of people treating me they don't know how I might react to any mention of babies...I hate being treated like a freak show!! Anyone else ever feel that way? I'm sorry I rambled on so much...I just really don't have anyone to vent to that understands what its like except for my dh and he listens to enough of this!


rach - July 14

yeah i keep seeing these low lives on an estate near me who have like 5 kids and they have sex once and they get preg and they have no money and live in a trampy house i have been trying for 13months now


Lisa - July 14

Dear anonymous - I feel your frustration. My best friend has two children - one is 4 and the other is 3. Obviously she had no problem whatsoever getting pregnant. Her first was only 6 months old when she found out she was pregnant with her second. And ironically enough, this was when I started seeing a fertility specialist. I was actually sitting in my doctors office when she called to tell me she was in labor, and on her way to the hospital. How could I be happy for her? Hopefully, just knowing that you're not alone in your situation, and there are tons of us going through the same thing - maybe this will help you to be strong. There's nothing wrong with the way you're feeling - it's perfectly normal. The most important thing, is that you communicate with her, and explain to her how you're feeling. If not, you're going to build up a wall between you and your best friend, and if she allows you to distance yourself (like you want to) you may lose her- and that won't help your situation any. It will only make you feel even more alone.



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