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SerineMali - May 26

Hey ladies,
i was wondering if someone can help me out on this issue. My DH and I have been TTC for over a year, but I can't seem to BD day after day. I get so swollen and sore that even if DH comes near, I start to feel the pain. It almost feels like something spikey rubbing up against my insides, which makes it diffuclt to BD even two days in a row to increase the chances. Anyone else have this problem? How can I relieve the pain so that I can acutally get through the process without wanting to die!!! It starting to affect how much we BD, and I'd hate to lose the chance of BDing when I'm about to O. What can I use to help with this paiN??? Or does anyone know what it is? My doc never sees anything when I go in, but yet it's sooo painful...
THANKS LADIES... good luck to all of us...


soimpatient - May 26 you think that the pain could be because you are not lubricated? If that is the case I would recommend Preseed. It is a lubricant that does not change the PH balance of the vagina and does not interfere with sperm function. I love it! Do you think you could have a yeast infection? I had one before and it was impossible to have insides felt very raw, dry and were burning. I would talk to your doc about this.


wannabeamom - May 26

I agree with Soimpatient about preseed. However I would get checked for an infection. You could have a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. They are both common and easily cured. I recently got over a bacteria infection and everything feels better. I didn't even have any symptoms. My motto is when in doubt call the doctor! It will give you peace of mind.


Tracy88 - May 26

Hey Serine....on top of getting checked for an infection, has your doctor done an intravaginal ultrasound on you recently? I always get good, normal checkups, but hey recently did an ultrasound and found two large fibroids. They can see all kinds of things through the U/S. I was having some pain during intercourse, etc...and now I know why. Take care.



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