Something wierd
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Roma - March 11


I was supposed to get my period on the third of this month, I waited four days and took a blood test and urine test, both were negative. Now today after 8 days of missing my period i noticed a very light pink spot on my tissue when i went to pee in the morning. And it came only twice and vanished. Till now no more spots and no periods. What is this? Is this periods or implantaion bleeding. can anyone suggest what I should do now.


shas - March 11

do another preg test. sometimes the preg hormone is low at the being even though these test say they can detect it. You've got nothing to loose doing another test and it will give you peace of mind. GOODLUCK.


kim - March 11

I agree, it could have been to early. Retest.


Roma - March 11

But is it possible to have implantation bleeding after somany days of missing my periods? I think i will wait 2 days more and then test.
Thanks for your responses.



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