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d - October 6

to anyone.. so all i want for the holidays is to give my mother and hubbys mother a copy of a sonogram in a frame. waiting.


Chicks - October 6

Hi D! That's funny, I just said the same thing yesterday.. I want that so badly that I can taste it.. Good luck to both of us.. Baby dust to you!


d - October 6

it is good to know someone is thinking that same thing. I hope we did it this month. got another week 1/2 to wait or so. got my fingers crossed for both of us


Mega - October 6

I guess we're all on that same wave length. My MIL wants so badly to be a grandma--I tease her & say her grandmother "clock" is going off. I'd love to give a picture frame for X-Mas that says "Grandma Loves Me" or something like that with a pic in it that says "See you in ___ mos!" Here's hoping! Good luck to all of us on this shared dream!!!


d - October 6

every single finger and toe crossed here for all of us.



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