Someone Please Help Me Out....Thanks
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chrissy - June 20

Hi my name is chrissy and im new here. I was on the bcp for 2 yrs and then i got off of it may of 04 and then started back up in oct of 04 and then stopped it again in march of 05. I have not had a period since I have been off of it since march. Dont know where it is,lol. We are trying to get pregnant but dont know whats going on?! Before I started the pill I had irregular periods but at least they came but I just didnt know when they were coming and now its not coming at all. Has anyone been in the same place I am? And what did you take to become pregnant? I would really like some help here,,,,thanks!!!


Dina - June 20

Some friends of mine were on and off the pill for awhile and found it difficult to get pregnant...sorry! I know for them it took their bodies a long time to become regular again and they had a hard time detecting ovulation. Two friends it took over two years to get pregnant but one friend of mine got pregnant the first month off. Everybody is different...hope it all works out. Good Luck!!!


KELLY - June 20

Hi Chrissy. I got off the pill Feb 05. My next period was 50 days later, then my next one was 37 days later, still waiting for this one. I am on like day 45. I tried to use the ovulation sticks but they didnt work. I am going through the exact same thing. hang in there


Jill - June 20

Chrissy, You should see your doctor. My doctor told me that it isn't safe to go more than 3 cycles without a period if you aren't on any birth control. Your doctor can give you something to induce af, your body may just need a kickstart!



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