someone please help me!!!
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kelvinsbaby1 - July 18

i was on the depo provera shot for two years and i found out that i had blood clots in my uterus. I have been off the shot for almost a year now i still pass blood clots every now and then and it looks like its getting better.Do you think i can get pregnant anytime soon?


Jaqi - July 18

K, I would see an RE about the clots. If your insurance does not cover it (RE is a Reproductive Endocronoligist) then see an OB/GYN and ask about endometriosis. I pass clots, never was on the depo shot though, I have endo. It can cause a problem getting pregnant because there can be scars and/or adhesions on your pelvis...I found that out during a Laparoscopy. You can ask the dr about having an HSG dye test done too! Hope this helps!


slowpoke01 - July 19

i agree with jaqi..the clots may be a sign of other things and the hsg dye test was uncomfortable but it is well worth it and i would do it again if i had to because if your tubes are blocked you cant get pregnant and this test will show whether they are blocked or not also alot of women get pregnant soon after having hsg dye test..i had it in may didnt get pregnant and this month didnt try but if i had to do it over i would still have it done even thought my tubes werent blocked..also i have never had a lap but i know alot of women have and it can tell the docs alot about whats going on inside so they can try to fix the problem good luck



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