Someone please help!!!!
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Kelly - April 10

My cycles are between 25-28 days. This month, on day 25 is spotted brown, 26, 27, 28 very light pink, and 29 all brown again (all of this has been seen only when wiping. I took a hpt on cd28 and it was neg. The only other symptoms I am having may be a little nausea, dizziness, increased saliva, and frequent urination. No major ones though like soreness of breasts. Could I still be pregnant? What do you think? Why was the hpt a bfn?? I am soooo confused! Thanks for any ideas...


Tiffany - April 10

You could still be pregnant. It is not uncommon to get some spotting. I have read about many women getting a negative test result but really being pregnant. If you are late, this could be the case and your hormones may just be low. I know it's hard to wait, but take another test in a few days or see your doctor. I would recommend the clear blue easy test (not digital)


Kelly - April 10

Thanks Tiffany!


Cutie - April 11

Hi Kelly, you could be pregnant.... :)Good Luck



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