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Jenna - April 5

My fiance and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 3-4 months now, should I get a supplement or something, I heard that I should take prenatal pills to help keep all the folic acids that I need for when I do concive, should I? I have tried to temperature deal, and I have taken pregnancy tests almost every 3-5 weeks. I also have tried doing the ovulation testing strips, I ovulated last week and you know we tried, how long before should I test again? I am scared I cannot get pregnant at all. :( Is working a full time job any strain on trying to get pregnant? Someone out there please help me soon, we want to have a baby so badly, wait maybe that is the problem, we are trying to hard.


Heather - April 5

Jenna - YES take prenatals! It is better when trying to conceive if you do. It is vital for the development of the umbilical cord. Get ones that have 1mg of folic acid if you can find them. Not the 800mcg. (1mg) It takes the average woman 8 months of ttc. Are you doing the pillow thing? Put a pillow under your hips for a good 20 minutes after sex to put your pelvis in the right position for the sperm. Also the 2 positions that are the best is you on your back (pillow under the hips) or doggie style (sorry if it sounds crude). If you did conceive you want to take a hpt in another week. Wait until 14 days past ovulation. A lot of women take 1 aspirin a day as well. (81mg) The low dosage will not hurt you and will increase your blood flow which thicken the lining of your uterus (baby friendlier) Good luck!! *~*~*~*~*~*~* Hope this helps


Cutie - April 6

Hi Jenna, yes you should get on Prenatal Vitamins. You can buy them anywhere. I dont know where you live, but I buy mine at Costco. Its a huge bottle, you will have enough for the whole year. Baby dust your way


Jenna - April 6

Hey thanks you girls, anyone else have any ideas as to sexual positions or anything? Hey Heather what is a "hpt"? "Home Pregnancy Test"? sorry new to this chat deal...


Heather - April 6

Yea... hpt = home pregnancy test :) I have spent a lot of time online researching all this. If you want to email me you can. [email protected] Also a good site it


Jenna - April 6

Hey- Last night my fiance freaked out, I ate popcorn and was dipping it in devils food chocolate pudding, but it is what I was "craving", He said, "I don't see how you cannot be pregnant the way you are eating.". I was like I dunno to me it is VERY GOOD AND DELICIOUS....Well yea, also I was mixing alot at dinner time too, mashed potatoes, white gravy, and macaroni & cheese, he had to turn his head because it was making him sick..Another thing I am always craving is CHOCOLATE...all the time. Could I be pregnant? I am scared to take a HPT because I don't want to see # 1millionth & 1 -ive.....It upsets me when I do see a -ive, because we have been chosing baby names for both a girl and a boy, but still nothing yet. I don't know what to do now...I started my period 4-4-2005, but then I lost all hope to being pregnant, but can I still be pregnant or what? I looked on the internet and there are articles that say you can be pregnant and still have a "regular" "month-to-month" period....what are ya'll thoughts on this matter?.....*peacefully waiting*....BABY DUST BABY DUST BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!


Jenna - April 6

Any thoughts anyone? I am confused about all this.



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