Some sperms remain outside
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Roma - March 10

I know this is a silly question but I am really worried. I have been trying for the past 3 months and I notice after sex some sperms remain outside my vagine, infact they seem to be leaking.? Does this happen with everyone or is it just me. I am curious.


Shay - March 10

I know that it happens to me and I too wonder if this could prevent me from getting pregnant. I've tried to elevate my bottom after intercourse as well, but still seems to leak. I hope it's normal!! :)


jb - March 10

Its normal and did u know that if u also ejaculate u stand a better chance!!!! x so if u dont cum while having sex ask yr husband to help u along after xx


michelle - March 11

i always think the same...and its horrible towhen it somes straightback out andthe same the following day!
but apparently there is millions of sperm in ejaculation so it must be the weak swimmers that just come out! i always wonder how long they take to get there!! and do they just wait around for 72 hours to find an egg!!!
its amazing really!


Tia B. - March 12

The physiology behind the female orgasm is simple. When a woman has an orgasm her cervix, the mouth of the uterus, contracts as the uterus moves. This causes the uterus to dip or bob into the vagina. If the male has already had an orgasm, then this area is rich in semen (sperm). This motion of the cervix will actually draw the semen into the cervix and uterus to aid in it's passage towards the ripe egg.

An orgasm prior to male ejaculation can help make the sex more pleasurable, the vagina more lubricated and make the whole scene much less clinical. However, for reasons stated above, if she does not have an orgasm after the male's then it is imperative for her to acheive one. It does not matter if this orgasm is via masturbation (self or partner lead). It simply needs to occur to improve the chances of pregnancy


Estee P - March 13

Yes it is NORMAL that sperm flows out of the vagina after sex. Remember that some of it does remain inside and works it's way up through the cervix entrance through the uterus towards the fallopian tubes where it will meet the egg that is on it's way down towards it. Roma, your chances of conceiving with every well-timed try, is 25% or less. That's why you should try for at least 12 months before starting to worry or get impatient. Just make sure you are eating healthy, not overweight, not smoking or drinking too much, not working too hard (stressing too much), taking in a couple of glasses of water per day, and most importantly making sure you have sex at exactly the right time of the month (therefore teach yourself to pinpoint when you ovulate, there are many ways in which you can figure this out) and you will have your baby pretty soon! If you want to make sure you keep as much sperm inside of your vagina as possible (after sex), stay in bed after sex (don't go to the loo). So do it just before you go to sleep so the majority of buggers are basically "forced" to hang around and maybe they will start swimming in the right direction just because they have to cause they don't have anywhere else to go! Good luck.


H - March 14

If you put a pillow under your hips to elevate your pelvis during (when he ejaculates) and after sex (after for at least 20 minutes) you are in the perfect position to get as many up there as you can!! This worked like a charm for a friend of mine (pg the first month she tried) as well as myself and dh. Have fun!! :)



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