Some Positive News for all of those TTC
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Liezel - May 9

Hi ladies.... I'm sure some of you know me... My DH and I have been ttc for 2 years and I have been on these boards for about 16 months.
I was diagnosed with PCOS in Oct '06... We started seeing a RE and we started using clomid... no success.... so we were told to move on to injectibles. At this point I was heartbroken and felt emotionally drained after 22 months of bfn's staring me in the face. I had accepted that i would never conceive and we started discussing adoption.
Yesterday my husband was sick and jokingly reminded me that in his family the men get morning sickness when their wives are pregnant and encouraged me to test. I took an Hpt.... and to my complete suprise it came back positive.... I had just received my wish and got my first BFP!!!!
I thought i was hallucinating and couldn't believe it so i took 2 more tests (different brands) and all 3 are now sitting here with very dark lines showing positive.

We were on a ttc break.... and I wasn't temping, taking my meds or even counting or keeping track of what cycle day I was on. It truly is a miracle that we even conceived on our own... the chances are less than 5%.

So I wanted you all to know that if it can happen for me, then you can get pregnant too and not to give up. I laughed at all of those people who told me to relax, but that is exactly what i did.... and the weekend we conceived DH and i had actually been drinking with friends...
So do your best to relax ladies and I'm sending Tons of baby dust your way *******************


angelkitty - May 9

That is awesome Liezel!!! Congrats!!


mommy2josh - May 9

Congrats Liezel. Happy and healthy 9 months to you. A truly inspiring story :)


chele - May 9

Liezel, I don't believe we ever ran in to each other on threads but thanks for sharing! That was an amazing story! Congratulations!!!


peggsann - May 9

Liezel; I am sooooo happy for you; what a great update. What amazing news to hear from you; especially after the BFN last month; I know how sad you were!! When will you have your first Beta and u/s? I can't wait to hear your numbers?? If I remember correctly you weren't scheduled to see the RE again until June? Again I am so happy for you and your DH, you so deserve this blessing after the last 2 years of dissappointments; I hope that I will have the same news to share in the next month. I am waiting for AF to show, so that I can add the STIM shots to the Lupron I am taking now. The et looks like it will happen at the end of the month. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!--peggs


magwantsbaby - May 10

Congrats to you, thats amazing. Enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest and have the best time raising your child you so deperatly have tried for!


wantanotheraftertr - May 10

Congrats to you! God truly is amazing!


slowpoke01 - May 10

CONGRATS to you. very encouraging for alot of women. thanks for sharing your story.


Liezel - May 13

Pegsann... thank you for all of your support. I went to my old RE and had blood work done.... and I am definetly pregnant.... although now they are thinking I may be further along than I originally thought. I just really did a lot of praying this month and now I've never been happier. Now I am praying for a healthy nine months and a healthy baby. I go back on monday for another blood test.


peggsann - May 13

Liezel; This is such great news; where your numbers high; is that what makes you think you are further along? When will you have an u/s? maybe there is more than one bean growing!!!! Let me know what your numbers are on monday. Congratulations again---peggs


cdpace88 - May 13

what a beautiful story! congratulations!!


s_80 - May 15

wow such an encouraging story just when i needed it.i had 2 failed cycles of clomid with no ovulation and am in my tww for the 3rd cycle.we are moving to injectibles next month.thanks liezel and god bless



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