some one please help..
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help - April 1

i'm 24 trying to have my 2nd child my son is 5 yrs old and i forgot the symptoms to being pregnant.. if i'm pregnant its only 2 week to soon to tell my breast are tender i feel sick sometimes. my discharge changed it's thicker now.. can i be preg? is 1st response the best prg test?


someone help - April 4

anyone please help


Cutie - April 4

Dear Help, as far as I know 1st response is good, dont know if its the best though. You can go to the clinic and they can do a preg. test, however it may be too early to tell. Keep us posted. Good luck


help - April 4

thank u cutie, it is to early i believe i took at clinic test. and 1st respns but i have to wait 2 more week it to soon for signs..?


luna - April 4

Most tests don't pick up the preg hormone until day of period. There is that new one out that says it can tell if your pg 4 days before your period.
I'm 6+3wks pg and my signs where sore boobs they felt like they weighed a tonne and nobody could go near them. Also I was sick a couple of times and I was and still am very tired all the time. Goodluck.



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