Some months i want a hystrectomy
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d (again) - June 24

if i cannot have children why the hell should i have to go through this shit every month. The pain is horrible anymore. I keep telling hubby i want one. and now with how we thought this was it and it ended up not, i want one even more, he just doesn't want me going through a surgery that is not necessary. I know we will keep trying, i just don't no how much more i can take. Months of trying is killing me, How can you ladies be trying for so long and never give up? You all really have good strength, and hope and i think mine is running out.


d - June 24

i know i spelled it wrong. eating cinnammon toast crunch w/ my fingers out of a bag and typing at the same time. lol.. sorry ladies


Andrea - June 24

How long have you been TTC?


d - June 24

since nov 04, i know it is not long. it just gets more depressing as time goes by


Andrea - June 24

I have been TTC since feb of this year. You still have time!! I feel sad every month i get AF when all i want is a little baby to cuddle! Dont worry hun, we are all in the same boat! It WILL happen..I have faith! for all of us. Just take a deep breath, maybe a nice warm bubble bath, and just about 10-12 days, the bd-ing starts again and this month may be it! =) keep your head up! You cannot rush perfection =)


d - June 24

you r sweet. yep i told hubby bd everyday this month. lol and this morn doesn't count towards some of these cramps will go away by tomorrow. i just can't figure it out, if i ovulated on june 9th (at least that it was it seemed according to the kit. cause the next day there was no line. i guess it makes sense that i got the curse today and not on the 21


Andrea - June 24

aww , whenever i have bad cramps i just take a warm bath..with some midol of course!!! My AF just ended so I am about to go crazy myself think i am pregnant again! no, but i have been tryin to e more healthy this month and I am going to try that robitussin thing too! hope it works! have you tried it? if not, maybe you should. Good luck when AF goes away..i guess i will know in abut 3 more weeks if i am preg! BABY DUST!


Lisa - June 24

I have been trying since Sept of 2000 NOW thats a long time!!!!


Bump - June 24

Bump it


Drew - June 24

Hi d, we have been trying for almost 5 years now. I know its a let down every month, but each time af visits, it builds the inspiration to try again. Sending heaps of baby dust your way!!



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