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AlieNicole - May 22

Let me explain my situation - I'm 17 years old, and I have had absent menstrual cycles for over a year now. I went 11+months with no period. I went to the doctor and they gave me some meds which was supposed to make me have a period the two weeks after- which I did. That was in December. I haven't had a period since. They really never told me what was wrong, because I really think they have no clue . My periods before this were irregular, and then a year or so ago they just stopped. Like every woman or young girl ( like myself) I'm sure if something happens like this my first thought is I wont be able to become pregnant. I am only 17, and I found this board because I thought I might have been pregnant- and with all the unprotected sex I had, I should have been. It was very dumb of me not think of the consequences but I didn't. I found out I wasn't pregnant- but with that scare I landed here looking for advice on teen pregnancy. Now that I know I'm not pregnant and being scared I was and getting prepared for being a mother- I'm scared now I may never be able to have a child. I know some of you woman, probably have all this information, and know more about this than I do. I just would like to share some things I have found through months of looking you could ask your doctors about. I do not want to have a baby now at this age- I know its not a good time for me in my life. I would like to have a child one day though, so I plan on getting to the bottom of my problem and fixing it. Below are the links to a number of things that could cause irregular or absent menstruation- ask your doctors about them!

*Turner's syndrome — Women with Turner's syndrome have a chromosomal abnormality that causes ovarian failure at an extremely young age (before puberty). However, hormone replacement that begins at puberty can lead to normal breast development and menstrual cycles (induced by the hormones). Women with Turner's syndrome have a normal uterus.

With most types of ovarian failure, pregnancy can be achieved using donor eggs.

*Polycystic ovary syndrome — Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a chronic condition that causes infrequent periods and an excess of androgens (male hormones); this often leads to acne and excessive facial hair. Women with PCOS can also have problems with high cholesterol levels and obesity. Most healthcare providers recommend medical treatment to alleviate the symptoms of androgen excess, reestablish normal menstrual cycles, and prevent the long-term complications of this disorder (an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and possibly coronary heart disease). The type of treatment depends upon whether a woman wishes to become pregnant. (See "Patient information: Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome").

*Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea — Women who have functional hypothalamic amenorrhea may resume having normal menstrual periods with certain lifestyle changes, including increasing caloric and/or fat intake, gaining weight, reducing the intensity or frequency of exercise, and resolving emotional stress.

*Hypothalamic or pituitary conditions — Some hypothalamic and pituitary gland conditions that cause amenorrhea, such as a congenital deficiency of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), are irreversible. However, women with these conditions can have menstrual periods and become pregnant when treated with gonadotropins or gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). These hormones require a daily injection, and function to induce ovulation.

*Hyperprolactinemia — Women with amenorrhea and hyperprolactinemia can usually regain normal menstrual periods and become pregnant when treated with medications called dopamine agonists (bromocriptine and cabergoline are examples).

*Endometrial scarring (Asherman syndrome) — Some gynecologic procedures, such as a dilatation and curettage (D&C), can scar the uterine lining and prevent it from thickening and sloughing during the normal menstrual cycle. A clinician may recommend surgery to remove the scarred tissue, which is followed by estrogen treatment to stimulate regrowth of the lining. (See "Patient information: Dilation and curettage (D&C)").

I have also found the many disorders with the Pituitary gland that could cause absent menstruation- here is a link to a list of the disorders for the Pituitary gland:

sorry for the extremely long post, I just hope this can help some of you!


ginger6363 - May 22

The fear of not being able to later, isn't a good reason to have a baby at a young age. The truth is a lot of young girls have this problem. I had very irregular periods myself when I was your age, and I remember thinking that I would probably have a heard time getting pregnant. When I was 17 I was diagonosed with a lot of issues, and I knew I would probably need surgery/treatment later on to fix it. I was scared about it, but I figured, it was best to do what I needed to do first and then deal with the *possibility* of infertility later. I finished high school (broke up with the guy I thought I'd marry) and went to college. In college I met my husband, we've been married 7 years and we both went to graduate school. After working for a couple of years, buying a house, etc. I am now 29 and pregnant with my first. I had to have some surgeries to correct a few small problems, and it took 9 months to fall pregnant, but it happened. Do what you need to do with your life first, then have a baby. You can have fertility issues whether you are young or old. The difference is later in life, with a loving support system, and more money you will be better equipped to handle it. Truth is you shouldn't be that worried about it right now. On a related note, my sister didn't have her period for years on end and was diagnosed with hormone issues/PCOS she had unprotected sex for a few years thinking she'd never get pregnant (she had a baby at 23). Wrong. Miracles can happen.


AlieNicole - May 22

Oh, no I wasn't trying to get pregnant- I actually thought I was. Thats why I found the forums and ended up here. I know it isn't the time to have a child . If you read I said that I made a stupid choice by doing what I did. I had convinced myself I was pregnant- I made myself think I had symptoms( or that my symptoms pregnancy symptoms.) I actually got to thinking, and now I am worried about my health after I found out that I wasn't, because one day i would like to have children.Its never a bad age to want to worry about your health. I'm not planning on having a child anytime soon. I am worried I may not be able to have kids but alot of woman and girls do. I have been trying to get my cycle on track for health purposes also. I posted this information, so maybe it could help someone. Not because I don't think I can have children and I should try now ;)


yumymumy - May 23

im 21 i have a 2 yr old boy. it took 2 n half years to concieve with him. i know i have plenty of years ahead to have more children but like you, i have irregular periods (iv had 3 in the last 12months) and im seeking help to understand why so the doc refered me to a specialist and thats in a couple of weeks time. i felt silly going at first but hay, im young and fit and its even more reson to get checked out for the resons im not getting pregnant again. mainly though im worried about my cycles if i just had a period once in a while i wouldnt feel the way i do. its been 71days since my last AF..... its good you did some research- even better you actualy care about your health so if you do have a problem it will be sorted out now- and not later when you are trying to concieve, even my doctor agrees.


ginger6363 - May 23

hey AlieNicole, sorry if I misunderstood your post. While I agree that you should try to get your period issues figured out, I've been to doctor's for many years (even as a teen before I was ready for kids), and all they ever told me was you will never know if you can have a baby until you *try* to have a baby. Truth is you there is more to infertility than just ovulation. Of course, you should get your PCOS (or whatever the issue maybe) under control, but there is no way of knowing the future. :)


Brandi-Lynn - May 23

AlieNicole, my advise to you is to keep going to doctors until they find what is up with your body. i myself have gone years with out having a period. up until i was 20 i had regular periods and then they just stopped, going from every few months to just completely going without having one for a few years now. i have been going from doctor to doctor for over 5 years trying to get my body back on track and they couldnt seem to figure out how. I am now 25 and trying to concieve my 1st child with no luck and just now found a good doctor that "thinks" he knows what is wrong and is trying to fix it. So even though you are not ready to have a baby yet, you will be one day so start fixing things now instead of waiting that way when the time is right for a child, you will hopefully have some answers and not have to go thru a difficult and stressful time like many of us have too. Good Luck to you


Brandi-Lynn - May 23

yumymumy, were you able to concieve your baby naturally?


AlieNicole - May 23

Thanks everyone, I have an appointment with a new doctor Friday. Maybe this one will be of some help. Hey Ginger its ok- I know my rambling can become confusing.Yum- thanks for the support , I will try my best to get to the bottom of my problem. Brandi good luck, with everything. You are in my prayers! I hope someone reads my post and asks there doctor about the above conditions. :]


yumymumy - May 24

hi brandi-lynn. yes i did concieve my son on my own at the time i didnt track my cycles and didnt get worried as to why it took 2 n half years. now im trying for #2 and my periods have never been so irregular. and im worried latley because im getting pain on my sides and severe bloating and all these other symptoms of something other than pregnancy. my app is in 2 weeks and im scared i have cysts, or something i just know something is up... i know since iv had a baby i can do it again, im just hoping to get on some sort of medication and get my periods back on track....


Brandi-Lynn - May 29

I've wondered if i have cysts as well, although my doctor has never mentiond it to me, it but it still makes you worry when you have no idea what is going on with your body and all you want to do is have a baby. my biggest problem is my hormones are so off balance and im in the process right now of trying to get them working properly. its so frustrating having to wait. AlieNicole, thanks for thinking of me, it means alot during stressful times like these. Sending baby dust to all!!



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