Some hope for all of you!!
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JamieLynne - April 4

Well ladies I have been thinking about how I wanted to write this for the last couple of days. This is for all of you out there that feel like this is never going to happen for you - that hopeless, desperate feeling. I have been there, so many times. My dh and I got married 2 1/2 years ago. We started ttc right after the wedding. Well weeks turned into months and still no bfp. So 6 months after our wedding I went to my gyno. She wanted me to track my bbt. So I did that for four months and came upon the realization that I did not ovulate. She then put me on clomid - which of course was a loss. She then said she wanted to refer me to another doctor. Well this new doctor did some testing which revealed that I had pcos. So I was put on metformin. At this time I thought this was the answer and would be our key to getting pregnant. Ok so I was wrong - we did more clomid with the metformin for a couple of months - no bfp's. He then suggested an hcg. That was the most painful experience in my life - at this time I was feeling really discouraged because the hcg revealed no problems. So this doctor then decided he wanted to refer us to somone else. After much discussion with my dh we decided to cut this getting bumped around and went right to a RE - which by the way was an hour and half trip away from our home. So by this time it was a year and a half into our marriage. We ended up meeting with the RE and after some testing done on my dh it was found that he had low motility and morphology. The RE gave us a lot of hope with the idea of pairing the clomid with and IUI. Well after 4 of no bfps in August of 2006 I got back my bw that said I was pregnant but my hcg levels were low. After 5 agonizing days we soon learned it was a m/c. We did on more round of IUI with clomid which once again ended with no bfp. This is in October of '06. After that dh and I got into a huge fight because our RE suggested we move to injectibles. My dh did not want to do that - we fought and were on the edge of divorce. We decided to seek counseling and took time off from ttc. After several sessions of counseling we agreed to injectibles with an IUI. That was in late February. I was a week into injectibles when my dh said that after this if it didn't work he could keep doing this rollercoaster of treatments. After all of this I am currently 5 weeks pregnant!!! It is such a blessing and a miracle. I wanted to share this story with all of you to give you hope. I have been down so low before - I remember after one call from the doctors that once again gave me the news that my bw came back negative - I was laying on the floor crying like my heart was breaking asking God why me? As I write this I get choked up because I know how hard this journey can be. My piece of advice to you all is this - don't give up. Keep on fighting and believing that it will happen. God listens. God bless you all and I pray for all of you every night. Sorry this is so long but I hope it gave some of you that glimmer of hope:)


Chas - April 4

Jamielynn, that is such a great story. It's good to know that there are people like you who understand and know what each and everyone of us goes through. When you think of the fact you may never be able to conceieve or share the life of a child it's devastating. We have been on this journey for almost 2 1/2 yrs now. One m/c last year. We are trying IUI with clomid. Dh has low count, but I am fine. It's hard month after month. Your words give me hope and I am glad I am in your prayers ! Thank you for that.


Chas - April 4

oh, I almost forgot..... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


JamieLynne - April 4

I know what you mean about feeling devastated. No one truly understands what we have been through unless they have been down this road of infertility. Don't give up Chas - because of what we have gone through we will appreciate the end so much more. Our children will be that much more special to us because of what we had to endure. God bless you and much baby dust to you!!!


cspears99 - April 4

Hi JamieLynne and congratulations, god it sounds like I wrote that story except for the getting pregnant part, we have ttcing for over 2 1/2 yrs now did 4 rounds of clomid and nothing and our injection cycle was canceled 2 months ago produced to many eggs, so we are on a long break but have gone through almost everything else!! did you get pregnant from the IUI and injections or were you pregnant before it was completed? so exciting is your dh excited too?? Are you preggers with one or more? well good luck and I wish you the best!! I hope my story ends the same way!!


JamieLynne - April 4

We conceived on our first round of injectibles with back to back IUIs. We had never done the 2 IUIs before or the injections. I go for my first u/s on April 18th - there could be more than one in there since I had 2 good sized follicles. I don't care as long as they or it are healthy. My dh is extremely excited - it is like a huge burden has been lifted. I pray that your story ends the same way mine does - just keep the faith.


linds99 - April 4

That is awesome. Congratulations to my fellow PCOSer...thanks for sharing that here. So many of us here do have PCOS and it feels at times like we have the "cancer" of infertility...meaning there is no "for sures" or "cures." Just a long, fricken battle.


Atava - April 4

Hi Jamielynn Congradulations!!! My husband and I are getting ready to do our IUI, I'm on injectibles now and doc says it looks really good. Husband has a great count & motlity, his morphology is extremely low. RE Doc wanted us to go straight to IVF/ICSI he said that my age is definitely a factor 38 yrs young and have had treatment for endo. I have a lot of fertile females in my family so I feel like I just need a kick start, if my husbands sperm cooperate with us we could be prego by the end of the month God willing. It's nice to hear your story, never thought about an RE until I started getting more and more information on the internet regarding infertility and age.


Apalonia - April 4

Just curious because I have read this many times on this site, Why are Dh's opposed to injectibles? Is it becasue they do them? I went to a doctor whose nurse did them everyday so he hasn't had to. We are moving to IVF now so he will have to but I think he's looking forward to it. Anwya, congrats on the BFP. Good luck, good to hear a nice story. Atava, I am in the same boat as you, low morph, need IVF and ICSI. I may start next month after 2 unsuccessful rounds of IUI.


longing for a baby - April 6

Congratulations to you my husband and I have been trying for 11 years now and I love to hear the success stories from all of you and that gives me some more hope. We are seeing a RE now and have done 3 round of clomid with hcg shots with no luck. We are now on a mental break and will start back up in about 2 months and I think they are going to start the injectables then. Good luck and God bless you all. And thanks for you story I really believe it will happen to me in time just as it will happen to all of you


Tracy88 - April 6

Congrats JamieLynne! I was in the same boat and am now almost 34 weeks pregnant thanks to injectables and double IUI's. I try to tell so many women to just cut to the chase if they can afford it, because trying the injectables saved me time and heartache. Not to mention that I know soooo many women who couldn't get PG for years, did one cycle of shots, and got PG the first try. Congrats again!!!



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