Some clomid success stories
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sun - September 24

Clomid success 1 :

I just found out I'm pregnant after one cycle of Clomid. My husband and I have been trying for eleven months. I have heard from different docs that you can have mulitable. I'm only 6 weeks along, so I wont find that answer out for another 2 weeks. I highly recommend Clomid , It worked for me.

Good Luck to ya!

Clomid success 2:
Hi there,

I just want to reassure you that clomid can and does work!! I am convinced that I would still be trying to get pregnant if it weren't for the help of fertility meds. I had been attempting to get pregnant for quite some time. In fact, I was about to give up; (I'm sure I don't have to tell you how stressful and disappointing it can be when trying to get pregnant). However, I took clomid for four months and finally conceived! I am currently 5 months pregnant with a little girl...and despite the track record of clomid, I am NOT having multiples. I would highly recommend clomid although beware of the side effects.clomid can cause stomach aches, headaches, and MAJOR mood swings. I was lucky not to experience the stomach or head aches, but my moods were horrible! It was worth it in the end though. Just be sure to take clomid as your doctor prescribes. I had to take 50mg every day and I needed to be sure to take them at the same time each day. You can not forget to take them or it won't work!! Good luck.


Clomid success 3:
Previous Experience With Clomid


After not having a period for a year and a half and wanting desperately to conceive, my husband and I went to an OB/GYN. He prescribed Clomid to us and it worked on the first try! We were more than thrilled! No complications or side effects came along while I was taking the drug. Now, we have a beautiful, healthy 1 1/2 yr old son named Nolan. Next month, we will be using Clomid again, as prescribed by the same Dr and hopefully we'll be just as lucky!
I think Clomid is a wonderful drug.


Clomid success 4:
++++ IT'S POSITIVE!!! ++++++


Just want to tell you that Clomid worked again!
I took an HPT this morning and got 2 pink lines!
I was SOOO excited.
I'm going to retest in a couple days to make sure.
I'll call my doctor next monday.
Hope you're having a great day.
Thanks for your support.

Talk to you soon,
Marale :-)



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