sOME 1 PLEASE hELp!!!!
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Gabz - January 13

ok so ive missed my period for 2 months now my last missed period was 11/05/2006 and ever since then have not received. My periods are regular. And i have had sexual intrcourse w/my fiancee. Ive never missed my period for this long.. I have taken like 7 urine test already ALL NEGATIVE. The only symptoms i have is, very tired, headaches,swollen breast (sort of tndr not sore), and ive gained weight. Can i BE pregnant?!?


iampg - January 13

wow that's a tough one. simple answer is yes you could be, but what are the odds? which hpt brands are you using - they vary. do you want to be pregnant and what age are you. i ask because in my 20's i would go sometimes (unknown cause because i was not trying to conceive) a few months without a period and my 24yr old daughter has the same pattern. whatever is going on i do hope you get the result you are looking for. be well!


slowpoke01 - January 14

you should go get a beta blood test the one that tells #'s and not just the one that tells yes or no. these are more accurate than a urine test. you have to go to a doc to get one. also they should test you for cysts and test you hormone levels to make sure that your hormones arent all out of whack. good luck



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