so worried
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Tina - April 28

i have been TTC for mths my period is due nxt week, im so scared it it comes as it really upsets me cus i wnt to get pregnant


nancy - April 28

just relax, i'm also trying to conceive for a year now, but i think being stress over this matter will not help us to get pregnant, just keep on trying and pray.


Andrea - April 29

Hi Tina, I totally understand how you're feeling. It can take a healthy person a while to conceive so try not to get too worried. Everyone talks about stress, but I think what is more important is having the right attitude. My husband and I tried for almost 10 years before I became pregnant with my son. I didn't realize how depressed I had become. I heard someone give another woman advice and I wished I heard it earlier. She said to think positive and be happy. Put pictures of babies on your mirror, your refridgerator, etc. Also picture yourself being a mom and what you would do with your kids - like take them to the zoo, the beach, tickle and play with them, etc. and just know that you will become a mom - hopefully soon!
Best of luck.


Cutie - April 29

Tina, me too, I get upset so very easily... For ex. today I cried all day .... I found out that my sis in law is pregnant and I am not....... I didnt eat all day, my eyes are swollen because I cryed all day. I am so depressed. I dont have many friends nor relatives where I live....All of my girlfriends are either pregnant or gave a birth to a baby....... I dont know what to do. Andrea, you are great it takes some courage and hope to go through what you have gone... You are wonderful. Tina, I guess we have to relax, but its sooooo hard ....


quetta - April 29

Tina I undersand. I have sex withmy husband a lot sometimes more than once a day and it is so disappointing when the test are negative. Hang in there.


Tina - April 29

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the advice, i do sometimes imagine that i am pregnant, but i get so upset when i find out that i am not, People at work are pregnant and i am happy for them, but deep inside i feel so hurt cus i cant



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