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Bless - August 29

I was just wondering if anyone out there has any sucess stories with male factor? Im trying to stay strong in the whole ttc process. Or anyone in the same boat?


Mega - August 29

Bless, there are lots of options out there for practically any kind of male factor. What kind of male factor are you dealing with? I'm still waiting for my success story but I have a lot of faith in what we're doing right now. I'm in the middle of my 1st IVF-ICSI cycle, my egg retrival (ER) is Thurs., in fact. We have male factor (1% morphology last SA, up from 0% the month before) & female factor (PCOS). ICSIs can be used to treat a wide variety of male issues, which might be something to look into. Not cheap though. Hang in there! Good luck to you!!!


Bless - August 29

Thanks Mega, we dont know what type yet appt next month will determine. But SA came back at 7 million. what was your DH count? Good luck to you!


Bless - August 29

Anyone else?


Mega - August 29

My DH's count typically is pretty high but that doesn't really matter since we only have 1% normal shaped sperm (morphology). Good luck at next month's appt. Is it with an urologist? That's good that you're seeing someone, hopefully the cause is something very fixable. Also vitamins such as E, Zinc, Folic Acid, etc are supposed to be beneficial to increasing sperm count. Also, has your DH made an appt. to get retested? If he had an illness up to a month or 2 before the SA that could affect things as well. Good luck to you too. Baby Dust!!!


Bless - August 29

Yes he is going to a urologist, were hoping that its something that can be fixed... we've been ttc a year and a half now. He will be retested next week before his appt.


Bless - August 30




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