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Candyleighs - March 23

Hello, I am actually just venting because af just arrived this morning and I thought for sure this was the month. I have been told that I have endo and I think it is just getting worse. I have horrible cramps and my cycles are getting longer and longer, plus my cm seems to be getting alot dryer even during ovulation. So I dont know what to do. I feel like its never going to happen. Everyone keeps telling me to stop stressing about it and it will happen. It seems easier said than done. Anyways, thanks for listening. :)


jg - March 23

Are you seeing a gyno? If you have endo, it may need to be treated before pregnancy will occur. What are you doing to try to conceive? (Apart from the obvious!)


Candyleighs - March 24

No I am not seeing a gyno yet, well besides for my yearly exam but I haven't gone in for this yet. I am 26 and I have been trying for about 7 months. I was told I had endo about 2 years ago but they said theres nothing they really could do until it got really bad and then they would do surgery. Otherwise birth control can help it and also conceiving can help. I was told I need to try for at least a year before I should seek additional help. I know theres people who have been trying for alot longer than me and my heart breaks for them.. It is so depressing. I think I will try mucinex this month and maybe more vitamins??? I know I am Bd when I ovulate so I dont know what else to do. Thank You so much for your help


bj - March 24

Hi, candyleighs. Have you ever had an HSG? That is where they test to see if your tubes are blocked. I have endo, and it was causing one of my tubes to be blocked. You might want to ask about it.


Ann - March 24

Candyleighs, that is not true about that there is nothing you can do about endo until it gets bad. I had a mild case, and my dr removed all of it (they think). Getting rid of it is supposed to help with ttc. How did they know you had endo? The only way to know that for sure is through a laparoscopy, I believe. Like you said, you have only been ttc for 7 months and are 26, so don't panic yet. I hope you get pg on your own soon. Good luck.



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