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Niki - November 7

I was really optomistic this month. I kept a really positive attitude and yesterday i started get pm cramps, i am so down because i know whats coming in a few days, af. I have been trying for a while now and it just gets harder and harder to get bad news each month. My question is next month i will start clomid, i have been ovulating but not until like day 21 or later, do you think clomid will work even though i already ovulate at a late day?


Mega - November 7

Hi Niki. Hang in there. Though we all know how tough it can be month after month of trying to no avail. I'd say you have a better shot with Clomid b/c it should make you ovulate earlier than day 21. Clomid helps people with a variety of issues, not just women like me who don't ovulate on their own. It can also lengthen your LP, etc...You are getting it prescribed by your dr right? It's important to be monitored on Clomid in case of overstimulation, etc. Good luck. HTH!


Niki - November 7

Yes it was given to me by my doctor last month but i was in the middle of my cycle and i had to wait to start it.


Mega - November 7

Good luck with the Clomid. There are lots of Clomid success stories out there. I'm finished with my 3rd round of Clomid, waiting to see if 3 times is a charm for me!


CC - November 7

Niki-I know what you are feeling. I am on my 2nd round of Clomid, AF due in a few days. Felt good about this month also, had lots of what I thought was good cramping that I never felt before at all the right times, etc. Now I am certain AF will be coming, the cramps and sore bbs are par for the course w/ AF. Now I am thinking the cramps I was feeling were my ovaries like Mega said being over stimulated from the Clomid. I wont be surprised if they tell me I have cysts this month. Hang in there, its all we can do. Mega, good luck! (I see your name on this board all the time and wish you the best!)..


Mega - November 7

Thank you. Good luck to you too, CC. Hang in there, too. I don't want to give you false hope, but there have been many stories out there of people thinking AF was coming only to end up with that BFP. That's what I keep telling myself too everytime I run in the bathroom to make sure AF hasn't arrived. Keep us posted. I'll keep my fingers' crossed that we both have BFPs this cycle. I do post a lot on this board! I think it's a great support system & keeps my non-ttc friends from having to hear about it ALL THE TIME. :)


CC - November 7

I know, I tell myself the same thing each month, about AF cramps and the "good cramps" we want, since the do sound so much the same, but in my case, sadly, it is always AF in the end. Each month I tell myself (like so many others on here) that I wont get my hopes up, to be down again, but of course I do! I seem to be one of the few who have no friends who have had fertility problems. They all seem to have been so lucky each time, and its tough for me to share my woes with them..they mean well, but they just dont understand. I am the first to even be on any type of drug (Clomid) and they are in awe of that! Worse, CONVINCED its going to work, and questioning why it hasnt already. UGH.
When are you due for no AF ? If I make it till Friday I will test, but Im not very hopeful today.


Niki - November 8

CC- Iknow exactly how you feel, i start off feeling really positive after ov day and then the closer to af i get the more down i get bc i usually get cramps afew days before. I want this so bad, as i know we all do. It is just so hard because there is no control over it. I feel totally helpless even though i am starting the drugs and take other precautions to help with fertility. I hate feeling this way!


Mega - November 8

Well, CC & Niki, at least we know we're not the only ones feeling like that on this crazy roller coaster of emotion. I can & do relate to everything you all said in your previous posts about getting hopes up & then getting it dashed. I felt really confident this cycle too, this was my 1st IUI & I was convinced it would work 1st time. AF arrived today & what can I do but start over again. Most of my friends can't relate either, though to their credit they do try. Niki, I think you said it perfectly, infertility is sooo hard b/c we can't control it. I'm such a control freak! Hang in there!!!


Niki - November 8

Im sorry Mega about af. Im sure about wed she will pay me a visit as well. You have such a great attitude about things, I wish that i could be that way more. It has been really hard for me lately because one of my good friends is pg. Though i have not let her know i have had a hard time with it. I am so happy for her, but i guess it just makes me feel more sorry for myself, i know that i shouldnt feel that way.


CC - November 8

Oh Mega!! I am sorry about AF. Like Niki said, I am sure before Friday I will be right there with you both. Niki both of my dearest friends are pregnant right now with their 3rd!! One of them had trouble w/ her last, and had to take Clomid, and had to do it again for this one..I was on my 2nd cycle, her the 1st cycle...Of course, she got pregnant right away! It is really hard and I too wish I had a better attitude sometimes and more like Mega. I think it helps really not only to feel better, but overall.
Mega, can I ask you some questions about your IUI ? So you are on Clomid and doing IUI ? Did you already know Clomid alone wouldnt work for you? My OB will only do 3 rounds and then will refer me out to a RE (I am actually happy about that, I dont want to waste more time) and wondering what would be next for me. We have slight morpholgy issues w/ DH but his count is so high, my OB doesnt seem very worried about...Just wondering what your experience has been ? Niki, maybe you will be like my girlfriend and be one of the lucky ones and get pregnant your 1st cycle of Clomid. Its worked for my girlfriend the 1st month twice in a row now!


Niki - November 9

Thanks for your positive attitude. Today is d day for me, af will be arriving at any moment today, or suppose to anyway. I keep thinking that i have started so i have gone to the restroom about 100 times already today. But i guess some of my hormones have returned to normal because i am not quite as emotional as i have been the last few days. I hope and pray that this cycle of clomid will work, not only for me but for you two too.


Judi - November 9

Niki, try to keep your hopes up. After my first IUI, the doctor told me to test 13 days later. The night before, I had the exact same cramps and feelings that I always get right before AF. I cried for an hour because I was so upset. The next morning I tested, as instructed, and it was positive!! It is very, very common to have AF-like cramps even if you're pregnant. In fact, I had them for a few weeks afterward. I don't want to give you false hope in case AF does arrive, but the cramps that you're having don't mean for certain that it will.


Niki - November 9

Judi- Thank you so much for your post. That was something that i needed to hear. Im not getting my hopes up but that is nice to hear so that when i get those cramp feelings maybe i wont jump strait to the conclusion that af is on her way.


CC - November 9

Niki-I hope no AF for you today!! Please let us know. If you make it through the day without it, then you still have a chance. I have head what Judi said a lot (thanks Judi)..I also had a ton of cramping this cycle, so that still makes me hopeful, but I am dry as a bone and that seems to go against what I have read everywhere about the creamy/lotion like cm. I have had some here and there, but not much to speak of. Today is cd 28 for me and I O'd on cd 15 w/ the Clomid so I am due anytime from today on..I am thinking today because my O was early for me this month, and earlier then last month on my 1st round of Clomid. I am TRYING to remain hopeful but its so much easier to think you arent. I dream of the day I can say I have a BFP! I'll keep you in my thoughts today Niki and pray AF misses your house today!


CC - November 10

Niki, did AF miss you yesterday?! I hope so!!


Judi - November 11

CC, did AFarrive for you yet? Don't worry too much about your lack of creamy CM...I didn't have any after conceiving. That was another reason that I was sure I wasn't pregnant the night before I tested. Niki, how about you?



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