So confused, any advice??
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KERRY - October 6

Ok, so been back and forth to gyn, been ttc since Jan 04 after using depo provero, periods been regular since Jan 05....normally a 26 or 27 day cycle.........I have been starting my cycle the very first day I get any blood and I have spotting for about 3 days before I get heavy so is my cycle actually longer than 26 or 27 days?? The last few months I have also noticed I get some discharge about 4 days after the end of my this me ovulating?? I also get most months a very bad pain on my left side the week before my period which sometimes leaves me unable to walk or sit comfortably......I am worried this could be a cyst but gyn thinks its all related to my cycle and ovulation.......but I thought you ovulate 14 days before your period is due and I get this pain about 7 days before my period is due ( first day of spotting not heavy bleed) I am soooooo confused when I am ovulating, is it when I have discharge a few days after my period or the week before with left pain????????? please help!!


sd - October 6

just go get and ovulation test and keep's not as easy as it sounds but it beats taking your's about 7 sticks(test)


neha - October 7

Hey Kerri, I think u shud buy ovulation kits & start testing when u feel wet down. every woman is different so u never know when u ovulate. best way to find out is either ovulation kits or BBT method. don't take any tension as this may affect ur ovulation.



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