So clomid makes you gain weight?
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Angie - April 7

I have just started taking clomid yesterday. I already had a hot flash kind of thing last night....but are there anybody who gained weight because of clomid? I am worried. I had a Lupron shot for my endometriosis and gained 4 lbs recently so I don't want to gain any more weight. Please share your experience with me.


Ann - April 7

I took it for 6 cycles and never gained a pound.


Tracy - April 8

I took it for 3 cycles and gained 12 pounds. I went from a size 4 to a 10. My sister took it for two cycles and didn't gain an ounce. I think everyone is different. It has been a month since getting off clomid and I have lost 6 pounds already, but have been working out to get the weight off. My personal trainer says it was for sure from the clomid. It may not happen to you. It is not extremely common. Good luck.


its a side effect - April 8

clomid side effects : can cause a wide range of minor side effects, including mood swings, dry cervical mucus, mild ovarian swelling, stomach pain, breast tenderness, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, headaches, fatigue, irritability, depression, weight gain and, in rarer cases, ovarian cysts. There has been a suggestion that the risk of ovarian cancer in later life might be increased after more than 12 cycles of treatment, but further research is required to confirm or refute this possibility.


SashaP - April 8

I have gained 20lbs since I started fertility drugs in Jan. I've done 2 months of clomid and 2 months of femara. Femara made me gain the most. I excercise on a regular basis so it sucks that I still gained.


Angie - April 8

Thanks, ladies. So it sounds like it could happen to me but it might not. I am just going to work out a little bit more. Thanks.


wannabeamom - April 8

OMG! I have never been able to gain weight. I am on my 6th cycle of clomid and have gained more than 8 pounds. I am not upset about it but I had no idea that was a side effect.


Ann - April 8

wow, sounds like you gals are scarfing down some junk. Lay off the the snacks! Good luck to you.


wannabeamom - April 9

Thanks Ann! You sound like my husband. Maybe I am eating more junk than normal. It is ok though. I am still at a low weight for my height. I just need to exercise a little more. GL & Babydust to all!


Tawnya - April 9

I didn't gain any weight on Clomid. I used it for the first time this cycle. I did have mood swings, one really bad hot flash, and could really feel my ovaries working overtime. I'm now in the 2ww.


Monica - April 9

Hi ladies, I just wanted to share that when I was given the prescription for Clomid I was SO freaked out. Everywhere I looked online had all these women with awful side effects etc. I really want a baby and have been ttc for TWO years, so I went for the Clomid worrying all the while... I'm almost done my first cycle on it (not sure if bfp yet..too soon to tell) but the side effects for me were really minor. First couple of days I was a little emotional (but I was worried..could've been just because of that), I had one night of hot flashes that wasn't too bad and I was really tired for a couple of days. That's it! I can't tell you how relieved I was, and next week I'll know whether it worked! Baby dust to all!!!


Monica - April 9

Ann raises a good question about if y'all were eating junk when you gained. I'm curious now because I may have more months of Clomid in my future and lord knows I don't want to gain weight if I can help it (although gaining because I'm pg would be FINE by me! :)). Did you all gain weight because you were eating significantly more or really fatty foods..? That is, were you feeling hungrier and eating lots, or did the weight just pile on for no reason???


SashaP - April 10

I was eating healthier. I'm very careful on portion size. I didn't want to gain any thing. I knew with any type of hormone treatment that I needed to be careful with food intake. I was speaking to one of my dr's not my ob and he said that it is know to make your metabolism slow down dramtically on some people. I tend to gain weight very easy so I'm at a constant battle to keep it off. Plus I'm working out twice a day to keep it at bay so I'm not stupid enough to throw junk food into the mix. With some people it just really messes with their system.


Monica - April 11

Thanks for your honest answer Sasha. That's so terrible that Clomid makes some people gain weight! I mean, isn't it bad enough that you want a baby and can't have one?! Oh well, I'm sure for most women, they'd be happy even with the extra weight if only they could get that elusive BFP! Good luck all!


Ann - April 11

I just jumped back on this post to see how many people gained weight or not. I am the Ann that posted the first response, and I certainly did not post the response about "scarfing down junk." I think that is a judgmental thing to say, and I would never post anything like that!!


AliciaO - May 15

Hi Hunny! I have always been very skinny and I eat like a horrible pig, but I do want to warn you that I have taken 3 rounds of clomid now 50, 100 and now 150mg and each time I find that there are a few days durring the cycle that I can't get enough to eat! I have crazy hunger and I am not the type of person who ever feels hungry (I eat for fun)! So just be aware that there may be an increase in desire for food, but know that it is up to you what you eat, and I have never met anyone who gained weight eating carrots and celery sticks! Good luck doll!


wannabeamom - May 15

I saw this and wanted to comment on my previous posts. I a didn't gainweight from the clomid. I gained weight from the 8 centimeter cyst that grew on my right ovary from the clomid. Make sure your doctors are doing monthly u/s to check for cysts. Mine didn't. Now I have to wait until it goes down before pursuing ttc.



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