smoking do you
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ed - November 14

Hiya ladies, just a quick question, does smoking affect female fertility? I have given up now but wonder if it has harmed me? anybody still smoke?/


K - November 15

Congrats on quitting. I don't know the answer but I would think that any neg. results would be corrected soon.


now pg - November 15

hi, dh and i both smoked for years and we both finally quit....after we found out i was pg! we were ttc for 5 years and the problem was my ovulation. i got put on metformin for pcos, and clomid to induce ovulation and by my third cycle i got my bfp! i'll be 18 weeks tomorrow. so the moral of my story is our ttc problems were not smoking related. big congrats on quitting though!!!! :)


Layne - November 15

hi ladies. Could drinking a glass of wine per day and drinking on the weekends harm my dh's sperm???


ed - November 15

layne, I wonder about that to? DH does drink beer as well, but is gonna give up now because we are going for tests at the end of month. Been ttc for one and a half years. dear now pg CONGRATS!!! after 5 years I bet your so chuffed right now


ed - November 15

I did read someware that heavy drinking could effect the sperms but not sure if mod drinking that is within the recomended amounts of units makes a difference.



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