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ConfusedMom2B - March 9

I don't know if I have asked this question before, but I'm going to do it again anyway. My dh and I are trying to have a baby, and I am a smoker. I probably smoke less than a pack a day. I have just been so busy at work that it just relaxes me. But, my question is.. will it indanger my baby if I keep smoking before I even find out if I am pg? I don't want to cause a miscarrage, and I know that as soon as I find out, I will quit in an instant. But, I just would like to know some other insight on this or if anyone has gone through this before.. please let me know.. Hey, I need some babydust too! hehe


here u go - March 9

Scientists have produced hard evidence that smoking reduces the chances that a woman will conceive.

A new study shows that women who smoke, and are trying for a baby, take longer to conceive than non-smokers.

However, if they quit, their chances of becoming pregnant quickly improve.

The study clearly shows a link between smoking and fertility problems

The research was carried out by Dr Marcus Munafo, from the Imperial Cancer Research Fund's General Practice Research Group, based in Oxford.

It shows that on average, women who continued to smoke while attempting to conceive took two months longer to become pregnant than non-smokers.

However, women who quit smoking a year before attempting to conceive were likely to get pregnant within a similar time period as non-smokers.

Dr Munafo said: "The risks of smoking during pregnancy are well documented, including higher infant mortality, the increased risk of the baby developing serious respiratory infection, and lower birth weights.


another article - March 9

Smoking is detrimental to both eggs and sperm," says Dr. Peter Chang, director of Beth Israel Center for Infertility and Reproductive Health in New York City. "Therefore, people trying to conceive should quit."


and another - March 9

Regarding baby’s health, if you quit smoking before conceiving then it would be much beneficial. During pregnancy, your body should have no nicotine, as it will narrow down the blood vessels. The blood vessels that are contracted because of nicotine, also includes the placenta and the baby. It will be better for your baby, if you even avoid any other replacement of nicotine, such as patch or gum.


ConfusedMom2B - March 9

But, would that happen even before I know I'm pregnant? I just don't want to cause any serious risks before I even know I'm pregnant. You know what I mean?


to confusedmom2b - March 9

Lots of things can endanger a feetus, but lots of women drink and smoke before they know they are pg, but quit when they find out and there babies are fine , and some people don't do anything to harm their fetus and some still don't carry to full term or have special needs children. I am a smoker and my dr says it is better to quit but also it can cause moe stress on the body. So, i try not to worry to much and cut back on smoking and live my life as best i can b/c if not you'll drive yoursellf crazy.... Hope this helps . Good luck...


BrendaW - March 9

Confused mom 2 b- I really understand about the stress at work and the cigs helping. It is really a hard thing. I am in the same boat myself, trying to quit and things get so hectic and stressful. I am going to try and quit. I am o'ing on the 10 and i want to quit by then or this weekend. There are plenty of women out there that smoke and have healthy pregnancies. Some who smoke their whole pregnancy and the baby is fat and healthy. Me, i have problems anyways and i dont need the addition of cigs interfering, but it is hard. My suggestion would be to quit because that takes all the question out of it. I do not believe it will effect your baby prior too. and i think smoking does something to the blood circulation not getting enough oxinated blood to the repro organs.


ConfusedMom2B - March 9

I heard that the baby doesn't actually start taking things from your body until they are 1 month along. I didn't know if that would be true at all. I just know as soon as I find out that I'm pregnant, I will quit that instant.


June - March 10

No it shouldnt harm the baby now...However during pregnancy it will or can be a problem.I myself am a smoker and Iknow exactly what u mean when u say "it relaxes you" lol.


ConfusedMom2B - March 11

It does! I started smoking when I was 14. I went through so many problems with my family, and it just made me feel better. I thought that I could smoke a cigarette and it would take all of the pain away that I was feeling. I guess, it's kind of a security blanket for me.. but, I need to give it up because it is hard on me and my soon to be fetus.


June - March 11

For me smoking is like eating..It's so sad because I think about wanting a cigg while i'm stressed at work , relationship or whatever the case is and it's instant gratification! I will say this i was pregnant and it revolted thats good right? I hope you win your battle with this monster! Keep me posted on your progress! :)


ConfusedMom2B - March 11

Don't worry, when I do get pregnant, this forum will be the first to know.. well, besides my dh! hahaha So, if I was pregnant right now, it would have disgusted me by now, right? I haven't taken my test yet, but I feel like I'm pregnant, but it could just be me thinking that i am when i'm not..


June - March 11

No it would be too early to feel disgusted by anything at this point..For me it was i'd say weeks into the pregnancy..Maybe 3 -4 or so. I couldnt smell it..I couldnt swallow it at all! i hope it happens to you LOL.....


June - March 11

Oh by the way!!!! Baby Dust


June - March 11

LOl its me again...I forgot to ask.. when did you "O" and when do you plan on testing?


Katt - March 11

ConfusedMom2B, My niece, 22, was a smoker on 2 counts and quit the minute she found out (surprise). Not that I condone the 2nd count because I am not party to it, but anyway she miscarried at 6 wks. She blamed herself, but the doctors insisted that either one had anything to do with the miscarriage. I can't honestly believe that a DOCTOR would say something like that for comfort. It had 2b a fact cause it could re-encourage the M use. I'm no psychic, but I think it was a test from above to tell her to straighten up and fly right. I am a smoker to (nicotine, of course) and will quit the minute I find out if not sooner. I hope this helps.


ConfusedMom2B - March 12

Well, I tried using the Clearblue Ovulation test, and I could never get a clear read. So, we just tried at different times. I'm planning on testing today or tomorrow to see if I am pregnant. But, wish us luck. If not, I got a basil thermometer and I will start doing that every morning until I can find a rise in my temp. I just hope that I am pregnant now... I'm slowing trying to quit. I went from lights to ultra lights a couple weeks ago, and I'm trying not to smoke as much. Wish us luck today or tomorrow for a positive! :) Thanks for the baby dust! hehe



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