smell & fluid comes from NAVEL AREA
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aish - April 20

anyone have problem like me actually from my umblicus(navel) foul smell comes and sometimes fluid ... . Anyone has idea why this is happening
i will go to see Dr. ASAP ...


Lana0398 - April 20

Hi aish. You could have a fish pocket. It has a few more diffrent names. Its not serious but it could get serious if you dont have it taken care of. Its a bump with fluid inside and it has roots that grow deaper into your skin. Usualy it goes away on its own, but if yours is infected they might have to surgicaly remove it. This could be one possibility. Let me know later ok? see my son had this when he was 3 months. many babies get that, but his didnt get infected. it just went away on its own. Good Luck!


MuzikGurl - April 20

or if u are overweight and you have a innie it could be just sweat or oils from ur skin that built up over time until you notice it and it looks like whitish or watery mucus and smells really bad all you need to do is just clean it out regularly and dry it after a shower or bath...should go away. but if not then I would have a dr. look at it like Lana0398 said it's not serious but could get serious so get it checked out before it gets bad. good luck.


aish - April 21

thanks it checked she gave me cream to apply, i hope it works...thanx allot for answering



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