small follies on clomid?
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soimpatient - August 22

I am going for another u/s tomorrow (cd 12). At cd 10 the follies were really small. I guess I am wondering: If they are still really small tomorrow is there anything I can ask for to give them a boost? More clomid? FSH shot? Any advice is appreciate....sorry for another follicle question!!


Mega - August 23

Not that I'm aware of. This happened once to me & we just cancelled the cycle. But in my case however the follies just totally stopped growing, it wasn't a case of slow growth. How high of a dose of Clomid are you on now? CD 10 is still pretty early in the cycle, truly. Esp. if you tend towards longer cycles. Hang in there. Good luck today! Oh, & So, ask your dr anyway if there's some way to salvage this cycle in the off chance that they're still very small today. There might be something out there I don't know about. Never hurts to ask! I've still got faith though that your follies will grow more. Hang in there!!!



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