Small Follicles??
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LN030905 - October 16

Hi ladies! Dh and I have been having unprotected sex for almost two years. No pregnancy. My cycles are crazy irregular. Last af was June 9th. I had an ultrasound w/ blood work ran last week. The DR wasnt around to discuss the results, so the receptionist read the notes off of them to me over the phone. She said that all my blood work was normal and that the ultrasounds were normal with a few small follicles. Here is my question..if it says normal with a few small follicles could that mean that I havent ovulated yet? If I had something like PCOS would that qualify my u/s as being normal? When I was having it done, the ultrasound tech hinted that there were no cysts on my ovaries. I wont speak to the DR until I go in next Thursday. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as my appt seems forever away. Thank You!


Tink - October 17

what day in your cycle were you when you had your ultrasound? If it was very early on- then those could be 'antral follicles'. Antral follicles are small follicles (about 2-8 mm in diameter) that we can see - and measure and count - with ultrasound. Antral follicles are also referred to as resting follicles. Antral follicles are a good measurement of how many follicles/eggs you might have mature for that cycle. it is a good 'guessing' point for the doc to see how many you have that cycle early on and that might develop into the cycle and become larger and eventually release an egg. if you have follicles- you have NOT ovulated yet. once you ovulate, (typically anyways, not always), the follicle will release an egg, and then the follicle will 'collapse' and just be reabsorbed into the tissue. sometimes that empty follicle doesn't collapse though and can form a corpus luteum cyst- which means it just doesn't collapse, might contains fluid or blood and might grow and just be a pain. usually these 'cysts' will go away on their own. if you have a large one- they might prescribe birth control pills, lupron or something else to help it shrink. or as a last resort, do a lap to surgically remove it, if they suspect it could be dangerous (or not just corpus luteum cyst, but another type of cyst). If you had PCOS, the doc would be able to know through your bloodwork and u/s.
Usually an ultrasound diagnosis of polycystic ovaries is made if there are at least eight to ten cysts that are less than 10mm in size on each ovary. so you would have had more than just a 'few' follicles- you would have had a lot, so it doesn't sound like PCOS, but only your doc can tell you that. plus your ovary would probably be swollen/larger than normal. so sounds like you had a normal u/s (sounds like no PCOS to me if the doc said you had no cysts, PCOS'rs often have a lot of follicles or cysts) and just have a few 'antral follicles' which means you should ovulate a few eggs this month hopefully- which is all good! sounds like things are going well. just ask lots of questions with your doc- i know it is very confusing. goodl uck


LN030905 - October 17

Thank you so much for replying! My last period was june 9th! so i was on like cd 123 when I had the ultrasound done! I had not ovulated yet..i know that much. I think what is going on is just my weight factor..I have gained a TON of weight in the past few years. Thank You so much!


tynadu - October 20

LN- Hi, I am sorry to say but you do show signs of PCOS the same signs I had. My blood work came back normal and my ovaries were not swollen and they even looked very healthy. The fact that you have a cycle that has lasted over 123 days also maybe a warning sign of PCOS. I had one that lasted 7 months and my DR put me on provara to make it start....... And yes your weight could be a factor if you just gained a lot of it. You may want to try and lose about 10% and see if your cycle start up on it's on, if not I would go ahead with treatment. I am over weight myself, but with all the new meds they have today that is no reason why you should not be able to get pregnant. I know because I have PCOS and over weight, and I have not lost one pound, yet I am BLESSED to be 6 months pregnant. GoodLuck


LN030905 - October 22

Tynadu, Thank you so much for your reply! How did the DR decide that you have PCOS if all your tests came back normal? I go in for my appt on Thursday and am cant wait to hear what he has to say. My dr told me at my last visit that he would be prescribing me clomid. I have been pregnant before ..that was before I gained a bunch of weight, though. Thank You so much again. You have no idea how thankful I am for replies!


LN030905 - October 22

Also..Congrats on your pregnancy! May I ask how long it took you to conceive?


LN030905 - October 25

Wanted to add to the post that I just got back from the DR and I have been diagnosed with PCOS. My FSH/LH ratios were 3:2...where as should be 1:1. Also, DH's sperm count came back as being only 1 million where as should be around 20 million. least we know whats wrong and can fix it now! Thanks girls!


kelsmi - October 25

LN, I also have PCOS that wasn't found until I went to an RE. My regular OBGYN never found it. The good news is that now that you know, you can do something about it. I was only diagnosed in late August and we're having our 1st IVF transfer this Saturday. I never dreamed it could be happening this quickly! Best of luck to you - knowing is half the battle!



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