Sleeping Problems...Could I be?
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Kira - September 10

Alrighty Here goes... My last period was August 15th, next one should be September 12.
-off b.c for 4 months
-sore boobs (could be A.F) but they are aching, usually just sensitive
-slight temperature (flushed feeling)
-urinating more often
-eatting A LOT (frequently) salty,then sugar, then sweet, then sour...boy does granma think im prego
-nauseaus (not enough to make me sick)

And finally the sleeping. All these things have just been happening the last 2 weeks. The last 4 days i cant sleep, tossing turning, thinking im too hot, turning on the fan, off the fan, covers, get up to pee, eat...u get the picture

Is it common to get p.g symptoms 2 weeks b4 ur A.F shows up?



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