SKIP : pill and Lupron /Antagon Protocol Anyone?
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maryp - February 23

Has anyone had a low response and tried new protocol with Lupron? Im to start rerponex right after ultrasound day 3 of period..


Blakey - February 24

Yes! hi, I had a low response on my 2nd IVF attempt. I was on the estrogen patch, and then taking follisitn, I did not respond well at all!!! and was really upset. I switched RE's- I started my 3rd IVF cycle (but really 2nd because i went all the way) my new RE upped my meds from 250IU, to 300IU, I was taking 2 injections of Lupron (10 units)- and 2 injections of Gonal-F I had a great response, I was thrilled. After only 8 days of meds, I had 11 follicles!! I have my beta test this coming Monday!! I am nervous, but trying to stay positive. I had 2 embryos transferred. Had 7 eggs retrieved. Good luck! I hope you have a great cycle!!! Kim


maryp - February 24

Hi Kim we're on 2 threads together I guess our stories are very much alike..... see """"follitism average 3 """


Blakey - February 25

Hi Mary,
thanks! Yes, I guess we are going through a lot of the same....;)


maryp - February 25

Kim Where are you located..If you don't mind me asking... I m in Canada,,,



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