Sister pg unexpectedly, other sis can't get pg...
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JacksMom - February 27

My friend Lynn has been married for a little over 3 years & trying to get pg for at least 2 years now, she has gone through A LOT of tests & medication. She is very discouraged, about ready to give up. Her sis in law has been married 6 months & found out this weekend that she is unexpectedly pg. She is worried about hurting Lynn's feelings. Any advice?


Jeanette - February 27

I would just tell her sis in law to enjoy her pregnancy and not let anything damper her mood. Lynn will be pissed most likely so what do you do?


Nikki - February 28

Just tell her. I am almost certain that your friend Lynn will lock herself in her bedroom and cry for a few hours - that's what I would do. It's not right, but when you can't get pregnant yourself, you tend to get very jealous...
But then again, it passes, I guess. I know I get upset from time to time, but then my husband hugs me and tells me that everything will be ok - even if we end up having to adopt one day. That's the one argument that can calm me down. I know people who have adopted, and they love their kids as much as any parents do.



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