Silly But Anyone Get Nauseous, Like 6 Days Post Ovulation?
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sherry - December 29

right now iam 6 DPO, and last night and tonight, for no reason at all, i got a huge bout of nausea that caused me to be unable to eat much of my dinner, and smells made it worse. i haven't felt this terrible in awhile, but it doesn't last all day and night. i have it right now, and i know it's totally stupid to think that could mean a thing, so early, but just curious if anyone has ever had this? i mean, iam not even ttc obsessing this month, we bd at the right time, and all, but iam not as insane as i was, iam more relaxed, thinking maybe that might help a bit, so it's not imagined cause of wanting to be pg so badly, and i didn't eat any bad food or anything. it's not a morning thing, but a night time thing. probobly unrelated, but i figured, what the hey, why not ask??? thanks, sherry


Holly - December 30

Hi Sherry.. I get nausea after I O .. sometimes for the whole second half or sometimes just days before AF is suposed to show up..Are you on any medications? That could be the cause if you are..(such as clomid etc). Maybe try some ginger tea.. works wonders for me and can buy it at any grocery store.. just a thought.. so no worries.. you are not insane.. try not to stress too much.. that can cause an upset stomach too... ~Baby Dust~


jcr - December 30

just fyi, my morning sickness was worse at night??!! Good luck.


Ravini - December 30

Am not preggy but i knew anothr girl who had the same thing as jcr



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