signs signs signs crazy stuff right here
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troubleshooting - May 10

ok this is weird and im not sure how to take it so i thought i would husband calls me and says theres these street signs in his route. the first one was his name then the second one was st joseph then my name then the last street sign said twins, now isnt that crazy?


mommy2josh - May 10

Hhhhhmmmmmm, mighty interesting if you believe in signs as opposed to coincudences. Good luck to you:)


K - May 10

I'm not so sure how crazy that is. Right before I turned up pregant after a 4 year infertility battle I drove almost the whole 18 mile trip to work with a semi-truck in front of me with my grandmother's name on the back. I had never seen one like that before. The street signs may be pure coincidence, or they may be trying to tell you something!!


slowpoke01 - May 12

pretty interesting if you ask me.



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