Signs of ovulation??
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babyloves2play - March 31

I've posted so many times but my cycle keeps getting weirder and weirder. I took 100 mg clomid days 5 to 9. I'm now on cd 49. Did hpt at cd 46 but neg. Had a positive opk on cd 41 and temps at lowest point that day - 97.00. Then temps began to rise. Last night, cd 48, started having EWCM, cervical position was high and soft(couldn't tell if it was open or not), plus I got a positive opk (both lines of equal color). This morning temp at 97.54. So temps haven't dropped since cd 41. Am I ovulating now? Is it possible to almost ovulate and instead ovulate later? I know you can only ovulate once each cycle but I'm starting to feel like I'm going from one cycle to another without having an af. If I had started my period when I was suppose to, right now would be my fertile time for that cycle. What is up with my body? Will I get preggo or will I ever get my period? I'm so confused! Need help.... Thanks for any advice. ~*~*Babydust*~*~



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