Sign that could be pregnant before missing period?
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crystal - March 7

I am suppose to start my period this friday. am hoping i don't. I would do anything for a baby. Have been trying for way too long. and i'm in my early twenty's. I have had new symptoms this week. been feeling dizzy and light headed, little cramps, breasts hurt bad, and lumps in my breasts that hurt, been extra tired and constantly hungry. I know this could be just pre menstrual too. What's a sign that you could be pregnant besides before the missing period?


Pinky - March 8

Temperature is the best indication of pregnancy..All other symptoms are very common to AF. I have heard that implantation can occur between 5-12 DPO. During this time many woman get spotting, It can be AF also but anout color and timing are very different. If it's AF spotting than your temperature will go down but if it's implantation you will see dip on one day and than it will rise following days.


Cendy - March 8

Crystal, I would go ahead and test. Your symptoms sound promising. My bbs were the hurt so bad and the little bumps are signs that I had too. The little cramps are a good sign too. Keep us posted! BABY DUST!



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