Sign, or just coincidence?
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Drew - June 27

I am getting a rotten cold, and feel soooo tired. I'm at cycle day 21. Maybe my mind is working over-time, and dh is egging me on, lol, but he says your immune system can go down in early pregnancy. And the weird thing.... I went to Wal-Mart tonight for vitamins, and as I was looking at them a very pregnant lady came around the corner looking for vitamin c and pregnancy friendly cold remedies. Now is that weird or what?!?! I'm going nuts waiting for the day I can test. I said I wasn't gonna get excited and hopefull this cycle, but.....


Amy - June 27

Hey, i understand what you are saying. I am trying to wait patiently til the 1st to see if i start my period. I am having some slight cramps. have been for couple days. I believe you are the one that answered to my question earlier. anyhow, do you think that tonight or tomorrow would be too soon still to take a first response pregnancy test? or do you think it would probably be accurate? I want to be pregnant. but, a big BIG part of me is saying that i am not. should i listen or ignore it? one more thing before i go, do you know if during implantation, if you have to spot or whatever? does every woman spot or can you just experience some cramping? I am clueless to this stuff. lol. anyhow, i wish you the best of luck. fingers crossed for both of us and everyone else ttc. baby dust!!!!


Lena - June 27

Keeping my fingers crossed for both of you.

Amy, Implantation spotting occurs the minority of the time. Most woman don't spot.


Amy - June 27

Well, i guess i will just find out on the 1st. if i do not start then, then i will take a test either that morning or saturday morning. (the 2nd) all fingers crossed here. not just for me, but for everyone. i will keep you guys informed. i hope yall will do the same for me. take care. i am about to head off to work. it is 5:40 am here. tired, tired tired. lol. wanna stay home and stay in bed til 8 or 9. lol. but, gotta work. lol. take care ladies:)


Drew - June 27

Thanks ladies! Amy, Lena's right spotting doesn't always occur. I have a little girl almost 7 and never spotted with her. Same with my m/c no spotting. I actually never even heard of it untill my m/c. I still have to wait till like the 5th or 8th for an accurate test. My how time crawls......


Deby - June 27

Good luck to all of you. I am only in day 17 of my cycle and am so anxious to see what happens. I am not due till possibly July 9th. Recently I dont go the full 28 days like I used to. So at least I know if I dont get it by the 28th day..there is a chance. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!
I have been having a hard time figuring out my acutal ovulation. I took a test on Friday and it came out positive so we made sure we had sex Fri-Mon..but I never saw the ewcm. Is it still possible?


Amy - June 27

Hey, is the egg white cervical mucus a sign of ovulation? is it a sign of pregnancy too? please get back with me. thank you:)



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