Side effects of the HCG trigger shot?
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ginger6363 - October 12

Just wondering if anyone has had any side effects after they've had an HCG trigger shot. I got the shot yesterday, and, that night, I was itching all over. I wonder if this is in any way related to the shot? Thanks!


linds99 - October 12

For me, I didn't itch, either times my husband gave it to me. actually, I did feel like my ovaries hurt, very bad, really over stimulated. In fact, the second insemination I did the day of ovulation hurt because my vaginal walls and cervix was so tender. I also got hot flashes.


ginger6363 - October 12

hi linds, thanks for the response. Maybe the itchiness is just me. :) So, overstimulated, huh? How many follicles did you have?


linds99 - October 12

Hey, I had two 20 mm follicles develop on the right ended up releasing and the other stuck around until AF, it shrunk though and I was able to start the next cycle despite it. you know, I just talked to the nurse today about reducing the HCG trigger shot amount in half because I have 5 mature follicles on the right ovary this month. I have to get the shot tonight, but seriously, I think my ovary will feel like a giant boulder this time since it's loaded with follicles and I am anticipating it just be way overly stimulated and painful. I'm still on the fence with it. Hey, where are you in your cycle now? I assume a few days post ovulation/trigger since you have itching. Just a thought, I read a few women complain about itching stomach and breasts when they got pregnant...maybe from the skin expanding. I wonder if that is your problem :)


ginger6363 - October 12

linds, wow! five mature follicles this cycle that's really incredible. I don't blame you for feeling anxious about overstimulation. Although skin expanding b/c of PG sounds plausible, I can report that I am not PG. I will go for my first IUI tomorrow morning, so I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed. GL with your shot tonight. Sounds like our cycles are similar. Are you going for another IUI soon?


linds99 - October 12

I get IUI tomorrow too and another one on Saturday, my doctor likes to do two in a row. Looks like we're waiting buddies this time! I scheduled my pregnancy blood test for the 27th, so your probably right there too. God bless our cycle this time. Good luck to you too, you've been through so much, its time for you!


ginger6363 - October 12

well, here's to a lucky #13 for us (I'm trying to stay positive since my IUI is on Friday the 13th!) keep in touch!


linds99 - October 12

OMG, I didn't even think about that...I hope it is lucky for us. I'll be thinking about you as I am spread eagle getting my first dose tomorrow morning... God send two angels to us tomorrow each!


JenG - October 12

One time when I had my HCG shot it got inflamed, itched and was very red. RE thought I had a small alergic reaction to the shot, but it hasn't happened since. The only deduction I made was that I hit a blood vessel or did the shot at an angle. Hope that helps.


ginger6363 - October 13

Thanks Jen for your response. I think it will be a one time-thing for me, too. So, how was your IUI this morning linds? I hope it went well. I went in this morning for my IUI. Things went fairly well, when they tested my dh's specimen they were all pretty excited. Apparently he's got some pretty high numbers. So that's good. As for the procedure itself: I was a bit nervous b/c I had ovulation pain yesterday afternoon and this morning before I went in. When they checked my ovaries with an u/s before the procedure the follicle was gone. The doc said it had probably just happened but I hope I did not ovulate too early and "miss" my chance. The procedure itself was difficult and painful: they had a very tough time getting to my cervix. They ended up having to call a second staff member in for another pair of hands (but if figure I am not the typical case b/c of my anatomy-issues). But the good news is they finally got there! Now for the waiting and hoping!!!


MNMOM - October 13

I had my shot last Saturday but did not experience any itching. I had tremendous pain in my right side, to the point I was doubled over and couldn't walk. This was much better in a day and now I am on the dreaded tww!!!


allbelly120206 - October 14

Oh man I had diarhea soooo bad. That was the only thing I had!!!


linds99 - October 16

Ginger, I bet your egg was just sitting there in your tube when you got the insemination, i tend to agree with the doctor, ovulation probably just happened when they did the ultrasound. I hope this was a lucky cycle for you. I think I ovulated also on Friday, as my temperature went up from Thursday, so I think the same thing happened to me as did you. You know, my insemination always has hurt the second time, it gets really tender in there for some reason. My friday insem went well, my husband was with me both times in the room, so that made it more easier to do. Saturday was just painful as hell. For some reason, I have no idea. Did this happen to you ever?


ginger6363 - October 16

hey, linds. It sounds like we did both ovulate on Friday, so I am sending positive thoughts your way. I am sorry to hear that Saturday's procedure was so painful. I have never had 2 IUIs back-to-back, but I expect that your 2nd one hurts b/c your cervix is irratated/inflammed from being prodded the day before. (Of course, this is just my guess.) Does the actual procedure hurt the or do you hurt after the procedure? Anyhow, I learned some interesting stuff about IUI last week---like the sperm only live about 6-12 hours in your body b/c they are "washed" and without the actual semen (unlike the 2-3 days with semen and "good" CM). That would explain why your doc does the procedure twice---hoping to get the timing just right. I have heard that the egg lives 12 hrs, but my doctor's nurse said 24 hrs. Did your doctor tell you how long an egg will live after ovulation?


linds99 - October 16

Ya, you are probably right. They don't put any lubricant on the spectulum when they insert it, so it probably roughed me up. That makes sense. I read somewhere too that washed sperm doesn't live as long, but I didn't know it was that short of a time. That is not good at all. My nurse also told us the egg should still be there, up to 24 hours for some women, others the egg only lasts half the time, for some reason, they also link it to age too. But there is no sure way for them to tell. Gosh, I just hope it works for us. I'm sending positives out to you too! I just want to get on with it already and start a pregnancy instead of another period!



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