Side effects of PROMETRIUM???
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KellyN - August 9

Hello! My dr prescribed me with prometrium which I have been taking since one day after ovulation. It is now 12 dpo, and I'm trying to distinguish between the side effects of the prometrium and possible pregnancy. I felt really bloated and constipated (sorry if TMI) all last week, not so much this week. This week I feel like I am about to start af any minute now. I've had that achey almost crampy feeling that I usually only feel the day I start. I've felt that for the last three or four days. I have also been dizzy and slightly nautious the last three days. Anyone know if these are side effects of prometrium, or if this medication can give you pregnancy-like symptoms? I also have sore nips. Thanks. -kelly


Julie - August 9

Hi Kelly, I was on prometrium about a year ago when I skipped a period. Doctor gave it to me to take for 5 days or so, then stop and a period started. I don't remember having any symptoms at all from it....... Have you looked up "prometrium side effects" on a google search or something......? It might give you some ideas.......... GOOD LUCK!!!


KellyN - August 9

That's a good idea! I haven't done that yet. I was just hoping someone here would have "been there done thatt". Well, off to google!!!! Thanks for answering, Julie! -kelly



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