sick of trying with no luck
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dawn - October 27

i have 3 children but my youngest is 9 yrs. I have been trying for one more for 6 months now with no luck. I have been taking sup. and eating healthly no smoking. Just dont understand why?


Kristy - October 28

I have been trying for 5 months so i know how you feel, i also realise that some people wait longer than this too but when you really want something it's hard to be patient like everyone keeps saying to me. Atleast you already have 3 children. I dont have children yet so i'm a bit worried it wont happen at all but good luck to you.


dawn - October 28

You have 3 kids!!! Be happy with what u have...sure u can try for more, but at least u have kids!!! Some people still trying for #1..



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