Sick of crying these tears!...
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Chrystina - November 20

I'm begining to wonder if it'll ever happen for me!
Sometimes I even wonder if I'm being punished for something! I just want a baby of my own so badly!!!
Can anyone pls help me with tips???


thayward7 - November 20

Hang-in there girl. It is such an emotional roller coaster and we have all been there. It will happen! Timing is perfect! Smiles and Babydust... T


Chrystina - November 20

Thanks thayward7. How long have you been TTC?


thayward7 - November 20

That's what we're here for - support! I am on cycle # 6. I have had 4 IUIs, and the last one got cancelled after a hormone drop on day 10 and 11 of my cycle. So, hoping #6 will be the lucky one. I started TTC last March. How about you? Smiles and Babydust... T


Chrystina - November 20

I really do appreciate ur support! Wow! Ur far along in the process! So you've tried Met and Clomid? I've done the drilling and am currently on 100mg of Clomid, no such luck. Are u trying to conceive #1? I'm 21 and was dx with PCOS over 3 yrs ago. I've been trying ever since! It's killing me! Can you tell me about Met? My RE said that he may put me on it. I'm just afraid as I heard there are terrible s/e?


javidsgirl - November 20

Chrystina keep your chin up girly it will happen god willing i believe during ttc our faith is tested more than ever you just show god you have alot of faith in him and i an sure he will give you a precious little miracle soon


Chrystina - November 20

Hi there javidsgirl! So u found ur way over to this thread? I'm really trying, tho it's hard! I feel useless! Stick around! Anyone out there with any success stories?


thayward7 - November 20

Hey Chrystina! I have been on Metformin for about a year now. You only feel the side effects at first... I can't remember how long, but I want to say about 2 weeks? I had some (sorry if too much info... ) really loose bowel movements (which is common when you start), and headaches. Now I have no side-effects. The positive side-effect for me was I lost just under 40 lbs. in the first 3 months! (Keep in mind I was also excercising every day - but I was doing that before the Metformin and couldn't seem to lose a pound!). I am insulin resistant, so the Metformin will help the insulin get to the egg - so it will be healthier. Smiles and Babydust... T


emaan - November 20

hey keep your fingers crossed there is a time for everything i have learn that through different experience....dont loose hope it will happen only whan you least expect....there is a baby for everyone....lots of baby dust


Chrystina - November 20

Thanks thayward7 and welcome emaan! Í doubt that Im IR, I'll check with my RE next week (I think he tested me b4 but I forgot, silly me =p), thayward, do u know if Met will work for me? I don't reli need to lose that much weight ( I only have a lil bit of flaby areas around my stomach) I'm about 5'6' and weigh around 128lbs? So I dnt think that I have a weight problem but I heard Met will help balance my insulin or hormones...I just hope it helps. So thayward, ur trying for ur first? Have u had any success in the past?


Chrystina - November 20

Emaan, thanks for ur support! It means a lot to me! I know it WILL happen for all of us! Are you TTC as well?


Tink - November 20

you aren't alone- i've been TTC for almost 2 years, 7 of those with fertility treatments. so the last 7mos has been super hard----financially, physically and emotionally. it's a roller coaster for sure. just got my BFN and AF for this 3rd IUI cycle. starting my 4th IUI now. done the clomid, did the shots and doing them again. next step is IVF. i've learned to just roll with it- spend a day or two crying over it and move on. i figure it is out of my control, i am doing all i can and crying doesn't help much. i just have to have faith that my day will come. yours will too. good luck!


Chrystina - November 21

Hi Tink!...Yeh this pcos ttc business is very draining! I think having the support of my partner and all u ladies definetly helps a great deal! I know there is help out there and it's only a matter of time. Wow tink, so ur onto ur 4th IUI now? Let us know how it goes! G'luck and baby dust to all of u!


Gia Shahnaz - November 21

Wow. I thought I was the only one thinking that way. I've been through the anger, the denial, the bargaining over and over again. It's been 3 years. I just keep hoping, praying, believing that it will happen. Can't face it if it doesn't. Have you had a full workup yet? Tried fertility drugs?
You know many persons have had the audacity to tell me that I'm too anxious to have a baby and that's why it hasn't happened. They tell me to relax, take your mind off of it. Hello! 3 YEARS!!! Note this comes from persons with children. I don't know how not to be anxious.
Try charting your basal body temperature and cervical mucous. Heard of this new thing an ovulation watch....apparently it measures the sodium chloride in your body around ovulation and can tell you when to have sex. If you have a tipped uterus like me i saw on the internet that you can use the hands and knees position to make sure the sperm come real close to the cervix.
Hoping for great news from you soon.


thayward7 - November 21

Good Morning! My understanding of Metformin is that it helps with PCOS because it regulates insulin, helps make a healthier egg and can regulate your cycle. I think the weight loss for me was a bonus... there are women with PCOS who don't have a weight issue and you definitley don't have a wight issue! I'm sure if your doc thinks the Met. will help you, it will. : ) I am trying for my 1st... no success yet, but am hopeful! Smiles and Babydust... T


Chrystina - November 21

Hi thayward and Gia! Gia it sounds like we're in the same boat ttc for 3 yrs now! Yes! I know exactly how it feels when ppl tell me that I'm too keen to fall preg and that Im too young to be worrying! Hello?...It could never happen for me thats why Im trying now. I guess ppl without this cond, just dnt understand. I've been told that I'm "stupid" for worrying and being too anxious...If only they knew what I am going thru! Everytime I read posts from other ladies like me, I feel like this is my world as it's the only place where ppl understand me. Gia I will be begining Met real soon (seeing my RE next Tues) and he may let me combine with Clomid too...I've only had the drilling done, took 100mg with no such luck. I'm excited to be starting Met, but I fear the side effects. Thayward, do you mind me asking how long you've been ttc? I'm not too sure but I think I had a m/c b4...This was a while ago, but one morning (without any bleeding or spotting the previous day) I sat up in the morning and a huge gush of wobbly, chunky blood came out, lasting for a bout 7 days with cramps, I've had this happen to me twice in my life and never thought it was anything until now...Do you girls know if this sounds like a m/c?


cspears99 - November 24

Hi Chrystina you are definetly not alone, we have been ttc for over 2 1/2 years, we did the IUI with clomid for 3 cycles doubling the clomid each time with no luck, although we had lots of follicles all the right sizes but no luck, I feel the same you do, we took a break for a few months, and now waiting to start my cycle, we are going to try the IUI with injectibles, I have read lots of people have had better luck with the Gonal-f so due to the cost this will be our last shot at trying, good luck to you and you have lots of support on here, I love this site, it helps keep me a little sanity, best wishes!!



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