sick of checking ovulation and temps!
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deb - August 27

i feel like i can't do this anymore. it stresses me out to no end! i decided that i'm not going to check my ovulation and chart my temps for 6 months and if nothing happens i'm going to do IVF. we have been trying for 5 years, have been on hormone treatment, 2 laporosopys, and have PCOS and ENDO. the clincher came during the week when i was asked for the 100th time when we are going to start. after this lady asked, i told her about what i have been going through and ended up she also had problems and her 1st was and ended up having a IVF baby and went on to have 2 normal pregnancies. it was like God sent her to me! she completely understood where i was coming from and made me feel 100% better. we are not failures! we are not rejects! we are not being punished! if we stop for a second and have a good look around at what we have we should be grateful! i'm going to start living again and not living for "right time". is anyone else that has had enough and wants to relax and enjoy what they have?


kc - August 27

I feel exactly the same way. Every month I say I am not going to chart, count days or waist money on opt, I end up doing all of them. I've made my dh wear boxers and take zinc eventhough I know the problem is me. He is a good sport about it. I think relaxing and enjoying life is a much better approach. Thanks for the post. I go to the doc in Oct. for the next phase probably fertility meds. This month if not pg, I am going to swear off all methods and enjoy ml instead of bding.


Elise - August 27

I definitely agree that that is the way to go. It's not worth all the stress... for me at least.


dee - August 28

i agree. I have been trying for 12 months and a few months ago i found out i have PCO. the doc started me on Clomid. This is my third month. He told me that i will fall pregnant within three months as mine is a mild case of PCO. Still nothing. Waiting for ovulation any day now...KC..... I started my husband on zinc as well.... Didnt tell him what it was for though until a few weeks into it...He is ok with it..I also told him to slow down on the cigarettes.. I never charted or anything just going on mucus and 'o' pain.Hopefully this is the month but if it isnt then its not the end of the world. There a more things to life. Good luck to all of us.Lets just relax. Hey at least we can go out there and spend alot on ourselves....Retail therapy is great.



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