Sick of BFNs!!!
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soimpatient - February 15

I am so sick and tired of seeing BFNs. I have a problem...I'm addicted to pregnancy testing and I test about 3 times a week...ok I'm lying...its closer to 4 times a week. Does anyone have any secrets to quitting testing! I'm so tired of seeing BFNs and by testing so often I guess I'm secretly hoping an extra line will appear!


kelly L - February 15

I just make sure I have none in the house. I am lazy and do not want to keep running out to buy them. Also I do BBT and once temps fall I know AF is on the way and I do not waste any $$$$ buying a HPT.


Tracy - February 16

I'm with Kelly on this one.....I just don't keep them around. I also got so sick of seeing BFN's that I refuse to waste my money. I figure if I just wait my body will give me the answers.


Dianna - February 16

I am done with the HPT as well. I have a Daughter and we have our AF on the same days for over a year now, so I will know if her Af comes and mine don't I will consider taking that as a sign of pg. I will wait three days after her AF to test other than that I will keep using my BBT.


BabyDust419 - February 17

Hi! I used to test like every other day with the cheap 99c store / dollar tree /dollar general tests and I'd always get bfn.. I hate it. I dont ovulate and I have really really long cycles. I'm on day 50, but I'm taking prometrium to get AF right now. I test once a week now, usually on Sundays or Mondays. I dont know how I cut down so much, but I know it's really addicting.


soimpatient - February 17

Thanks least I know there is hope for me. I admit, I tested this morning and saw another freakin' bfn!


lilly2 - February 25

I am not even testing anymore b/c I am shore is negative.I am sick of OPK so now have hcg shot b/c IUI and not following anymore even OPK.Spend so much money on that things since last june, could bya piano if saved all that money.Cant cope with negative results so I am doing IUI and if not sucessfull soon will do IVF.I am sick of my self not getting pregnant with all good results and specially sick of doctors recomendation'keep trying, youll get there"Doctor said two two my girllfriends they will not easy get pregnant ar not a t all and they are both pregnant.He said to me youll eazy get pregnant and I am still not after last june!!!Just had one m/c in novembar.So I am not buying any test until have real good positive pregnancy signs.Good luck girlls.



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