should you bed everyday during ovulation or every 2nd day?
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confused - July 12

i'm confused, i have been told to bed everyday by one person and then bed every 2nd day from another person. how does it work?


beth - July 12

i'm not quite sure what "bed" means, but if it means to have sex, I would suggest sticking with one person!


confused - July 12

sorry, i meant sex. we are tying to have a baby and i keep hearing different stories on when to do it. like i said one person will tell you to have sex everyday and someone else would say dont have sex everyday as the sperm gets lazy.


Beth - July 12

Oh, whoops, sorry! I heard that also. Then again, I heard it doesn't matter how often it happens. I'm confused on this matter, too!


Drew - July 12

Hi ladies! Generally it is reccommended to have sex every other day around ovulation. If you know that hubby's sperm count is good every day is all right. They say every other day cause a day in between gives time for sperm to replenish. If your hubby goes longer than every other day without ejaculating, thats when sperm get lazy. If you do it every other day, your pretty much guaranteed that there will be plenty of sperm in your tubes as they can live up to 72 hours inside you. Hope this helps!!! :)


kc - July 12

My doc told me sperm will be back in a good quantity in 24 hours, however if your dh has low quantity you should bd every other day to get the fullest quantity possible. I hope this helps. There are over the counter sperm counting kits available for around 35 to 40 bucks. We haven't got one just yet but I am considering it. It would be easier than going to the doc for the test. For him I mean.



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