Should I test with PCOS??
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Amy - November 18

I haven't had a period since September (early) and we are kind of trying to get pregnant (no protection but not hoping too much) I have PCOS and he has a low sperm count....I don't really think that I have any pregnancy naseua, a little fatigue (probably from work), a little achy but I am also fighting a cold. With irregualr periods as it is, should I even bother taking a HPT? I want to be pregnant but I don't want to be disappointed when I take the test and it is negative (AGAIN) do you think I should still take a test, is there a chance I might be pregnant even with no real signs?


Tracy - November 19

Amy, I know that it is hard to test and have it come back negative. Trust me, been there done that time and again... BUT you should test (in my opinion) because what if you are pregnant and you take something for your cold or even Advil for achy muscles? That wouldn't be good for the baby. At least if you find out you can either stop worrying, start prenatal vitamins, or get ready to start trying if you truly want to be pregnant. Just my 2 cents worth! *good luck & baby dust to you*



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